OK, so I just threw up a little bit in my mouth! Rumor has it that on October 24th, a whole mess of celebrities will check their morals at the door to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Breeders’ Cup

In case you don’t know, the Breeders’ Cup is an annual series of Grade I thoroughbred horse races that take place in a different city each year. To celebrate it’s return to Los Angeles, stars like Kurt Russell, Dennis Hopper, Jerry O’Connell, Allison Janney, Maroon 5 and DJ Joel Madden are coming together to celebrate in the spirit of animal abuse.

It’s estimated that around 800 racehorses die each year from fatal injuries suffered on US racetracks and approximately 3,566 sustain injuries so bad that they cannot finish their races. What happens if a horse fails to win? Most of the time a “losing” horse is sent to a slaughter, where operators sell the horse’s flesh overseas for human consumption, or provide horsemeat to glue factories.

So a big thumbs down to all those Hollywood stars who are choosing to publicly support this wacky tradition of wasteful cruelty. Way to go, you guys! If you’re that desperate to watch a race, tune into the presidential debates. At least there the loser won’t be sent to slaughter!

  • Chrissy

    I started watching “The Toughest Race on Earth”, Alaska’s sled dog Iditarod. I don’t know much about sled dogs, and I feared the treatment I might see on the series, but the first episode showed optimistic. What’s the talk out there with regard to sled dog races?

  • Janine

    Magna Entertainment Corp. owns Hollywood and many other racetracks. They are strongly against slaughter. Any trainer or owner stabling at an MEC facility who directly or indirectly participates in the transport of a horse from an MEC facility to either a slaughterhouse or an auction house engaged in selling horses for slaughter will be prohibited from having
    stalls at any MEC facility.

  • http://BrainyBlonde.com erin

    Janine says “Magna Entertainment Corp. owns Hollywood and many other racetracks. They are strongly against slaughter. Any trainer or owner stabling at an MEC facility who directly or indirectly participates in the transport of a horse from an MEC facility to either a slaughterhouse or an auction house engaged in selling horses for slaughter will be prohibited from having
    stalls at any MEC facility.”

    Oh Phew! Then I can go to the races (I kid) because I see now they don’t send them to slaughter houses! They just abuse the shit out of them and ride them at events such as “Breeder’s cup” Wow that makes me feel so much better they won’t be turned into glue (NOT)

    Bottom line – Sadly the ones who die in a slaughterhouse early one may be the lucky ones. Yes you heard me right. The ones who continue to race and endure pain during their lives are the ones who really suffer. This is why I have NEVER gone to the races in my life. I grew up close to the Kentucky Derby but never attended. I’ve been invited numerous times to other races as well but would never support such a thing. I love horses way too much to see them suffer at the hands of these people.


  • jane doe

    people who only know about half of what they speak should not get on their soap boxes. losing horses are not likely to go to a slaughter house, in fact they go to multi million dollar farms and live life better than most humans. so suck it . if you don’t like horse racing then stop watching and talking about it.

  • http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Buck_Horse_Slaughter/ Susan for Horses

    It looks like you guys have opposite ends of the spectrum. There is the middle which is the truth. Some trainers, owners, racetracks are heartless and cruel. They care less about the horse, only the winnings matter and those losing horses usually do end up slaughtered and sent to France in a box.

    Then there are those that do care about their animals, they would never harm them, they would pull them from a race if they are injured, they don’t drug them, etc. These horses are the lucky ones.

    There are also those that are somewhere in the middle, they compromise, when not enough money they will do what is economically practical.

    However the racing industry itself is a huge cause of the problem with race horses. They train and race them much too young, before the horse has finished developing. If they race 2 year old they are racing babies. That’s ridiculous. The joints are still in development, the bones are still soft and the brain isn’t mature yet either. In England they don’t race till they are 5 years old I understand and that would be a reasonable age. Yes, it’s a shorter career but the horse gets to survive most of the time.

    Reality is that all horses are going to slaughter, treated cruelly and we need to change that. The first step is to STOP ALL HORSE SLAUGHTER IN THE USA & the TRANSPORT TO SLAUGHTER. There is pending legislation in both Houses of Congress so call your legislator and ask them to cosponsor the bill to end horse slaughter and the transport NOW. Join my Yahoo group and share some ideas.

    Let’s also shut down puppy and kitten mills across the USA, in every state and make a federal ban.

  • http://www.tbrescue.com InSeattle

    No, you are wrong. We have rescued OVER 200 Thoroughbreds from Portland Meadows and Emerald Downs in the last 5 years alone from kill buyers at the auction where some are taken. Others were purchased from the back side where the trainers just wanted them gone. It didn’t matter if we were kill buyers or not!

  • http://BrainyBlonde.com e

    Dear Janine/Jane,

    First of all you might want to keep it straight what your name is. And I never said “all horses go to slaughterhouses” in Fact I said WOW if horses don’t go to slaughterhouses that still doesn’t make horse racing good. It’s cruel heartless selfish entertainment. And if your best reply to me is to “suck it” then you’re more pathetic than the people who abuse the horses.

    Oh yes they all go off to wonderful millionaire’s horses and live better lives than we do.

    You know what your post and thoughts (and value) equal to Jane Janine?

    That’s right.

    H O R S E – S H I T


  • Janine

    e I am not Jane. I am a Thoroughbred owner. The Thoroughbred industry is against slaughter, and we are working to expose and get rid of those deadbeats who abuse horses and/or send them to slaughter.

    I have been working for several years to pass legislation to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption. The folks who are fighting to keep it legal are not horsemen. The are meat industry apologists who see some “slippery slope” and they are supported by bottom level horse users.

    Very few horses actually go to stud. The vast majority of horses who race are geldings, along with mares who don’t have the pedigree or performance record to breed on. The Thoroughbred industry has many adoption/retraining groups, because these horses can move on to second careers.

  • VeggieTart

    What matters is the horses don’t have a say in the matter. Sure some dogs and horses like to run, but not tied to a harness with seven other dogs or with a human on their back, in both cases getting the snot whipped out of them. Animal “entertainment” is cruel and unnecessary. If you want to watch a race, go watch auto racing–at least eveyrone involved in that has a say. If you want to bet on something, bet on football games, baseball games, hockey games and watch those instead.

  • http://thevegetarianblog.today.com Antonio

    VeggieTart said it all: the animals don’t have a say, therefore it’s wrong. Anyway, how can anyone enjoy this sort of barbarity?

  • birdgherl

    Please post a link to the HBO special on racehorse slaughter. Show that video to these celebs. Maybe that will change their minds.


  • Alli

    Umm… what about the racehorse Ferdinand, who was sent to slaughter in Japan? People, it happens with alarming frequency. Stop talking nonsense.

    Oh, and here’s a story:
    This poor former racehorse (Katie, known at the track as Di’s Debutante) was sold by the breeding farm and neglected; she survived by eating feces and bark.

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  • http://www.rssmix.com/u/393368/ Reghida

    Thanks for your support. See you then.

  • Saddleridge

    This is pretty careless, stupid sport and anyone who joins in any part of such a disgraceful way to treat horses is a lowlife and deserves the same treatment and end!