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These days conservation is the name of the game, and it’s up to environmentally-focused rock stars (that’s you) to help create a more sustainable future. One obvious way to make a positive impact on the planet is by reducing our water usage. If you think about it, there are a million easy ways to save water: take shorter showers, eat less meat, urinate in public…..WAIT, WHAT??

Yep, the latest ad in MTV’s Switch campaign is encouraging Europeans to go a peein’ in public. The minute-long spot, entitled “Slash,” recommends public urination as a water-saving alternative to the gallon-wasting flush machine we call a toilet. Even though the idea is funny, the commercial is part of a very serious conservation campaign designed to encourage young people to help reverse climate change by making simple lifestyle changes. Wanna see more? Check out the video below!


  • Key

    Ugh, that seems like a bad way to go. Toilet humor has it’s limits for me, though I’ve been accused in the past of totally not getting British humor at all so – meh.

  • Stephanie

    *headdesk* that was really weird….even though i am half laughing XD

    WTF with the trampoline?!

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  • kyleSF

    I really like this approach to saving water. And it sounds like fun for people with pee fetishes. All-around thumbs up!