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Last night Bravo’s hit television show, Project Runway, crowned a brand new top designer, and we couldn’t be happier with their choice! The winner is none other than Portland, Oregon native, Leanne Marshall. You might not know this (because Bravo isn’t really talking about it at all), but Marshall is super environmentally-friendly and uses sustainable fabrics throughout her collection. In fact, half of her final runway show line was made of these kinds of fabrics.

Project Runway is no stranger to green design. Earlier this year Ecorazzi reported that Natalie Portman adjudicated a special eco-friendly competition where the designers had to use all eco-materials.

Marshall received a $100,000 cash prize, a new Saturn hybrid (yay, hybrid!), a spread in Elle magazine, a year’s professional representation, and invaluable industry exposure.

From all of us here at the Razz, a big congratulations to Leanne Marshall on her exciting win. Keep rocking those mean, green designs!

  • Matt D.

    Yeah Leanne!!! I had not idea from the show that she was so environmentally conscious.

  • Fritz

    And she rides a bike to get around!

  • Allison lahache

    You done such beautiful work threw out the show. I am so happy for you. Would you conceder making children’s line?
    Allison Lahache

  • Paige Holloway

    I have a 17 year old High School Senior daughter She is truly a special girl with a 5.25 GPA and comiited to the community she is a diabetic. She is commmitted to finding a cure so no other teenager has to deal with this horrible disease daily.

    She does little for herself and has had a hard jr and Sr high school life. She had a bad Prom experience last year and swore she would not go again. Until your designs. She is truly your biggest fan and said her dreams could come true if she could wear your design to her Prom.

    Please contact me through some avenue and let me know how to find this dress or a your line. Her medical expenses are crazy but i will do anything to make this dream come true for her.

    Address 2504 River oaks Drive
    Waxhaw, NC 28173


  • Julie Beckham


    I feel for you and your daughter’s situation. I recently saw a documentary about raw food and diabetics. 150 diabetics whose doctors had told them they’d never get off medication spent a month eating only raw food (not cooked over 107 degrees). Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds. All of them were off their medications in 2 weeks. I eat just about all raw food, and have felt amazing, with no insomnia, acne, etc. There are many mothers online who have cured their children’s diabetes simply by switching the household to raw food. There are plenty of delicious recipes once you get the hang of your new tools. This way of eating will also make you slim without effort, and prevents all disease in the body. Just thought you might want to give it a try for a few weeks and check for results. It has at least the potential to change your daughters quality of life.

    Best of luck.

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