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adrian grenier

The 2008 annual MIP-Com Television B to B conference was held this week in Cannes, France. The MIP expo invites international entertainment industry professionals to buy and sell TV shows. Why the interest? As most of you already know our friend Adrian Grenier is the executive producer and star of his own new show Alter Eco, which is a lifestyle show where we are taught how we can each do our own part to save our planet earth.

Yesterday, at the GRB Entertainment booth, Adrian was on site for the launch event to promote his show and answer questions for the buyers about Alter Eco and how everyone can easily green their homes in the simplest of ways. Adrian stated, “the greening begins with your inner self.”

The event was produced by Bradford Rand, CEO of Go Green Expo and was sponsored by Perf Go Green, the company that makes the latest bio-degradable garbage bags and other household items, along with 360 Vodka and Danny Devito’s Lemoncello. If you haven’t already seen Alter Eco, check it out on Discovery’s Planet Green Channel.

Photos by Melissa Rosenberg

  • Annie

    Bradford Rand produces amazing events. This is just one of the many outstanding events he has been active in. Kudos to Bradford and his amazing team…

  • T.Torok

    Adrian delivered the perfect performance at Cannes- cranking up the Green Planet was smart. He’s a thought leader, bringing the influence of Entourage into living larger and sustainable with Alter Eco is spinning the planet in the perfect direction.
    Break a leg and kick some ass… Torok.

  • Zona Crespiculi

    Bete noir…..Sexy and Eco savy… jeepers creepers, I should have stalked this dude before making a complete ass of myself…. oh well…asinus asinum frica….