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If you’d like a small dose of “WTF?” to go with your Sunday evening R&R, look no further than this comment by Todd Palin, husband of Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. “It is important to have a ticket, “he said while speaking at a gun club in PA, “that supports our core values — hunting and fishing.”

So, there you have it. Vote McCain/Palin — because America isn’t a country that should support environmental policies, economic reform, or universal health care. It’s a country of hunters and fisherman. That’s what matters.

Stay classy, Todd.

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  • Emily

    1st Dude….unless you’re doing said practices as a means of survival or because it’s your trade, then it’s not a core value, it’s a hobby…and a violent one at that. They’re disgusting.

    On the positive side – her push to keep the beluga whale off the endangered list failed. I believe it’s now listed as “threatened?” Woot!

  • Brandi

    Heh. That reads like a joke, but I am sure it was said with all seriousness. That guy looks like a tool.

  • Christine

    Do you really think he meant hunting and fishing are the core values of America, or the core values of the gun club? Frankly, I’d be happy to think hunting and fishing are the core values of a gun club. Too many pro-gun people seem to want to form citizen militias or keep guns in the home for protection, only making it more likely a member of their family will die. Of course, I’m not sure what fisherman needs a gun….

  • VeggieTart

    Hunting and fishing are not “values.” They are at best a way of ensuring the meat you eat isn’t tainted by hormones and antibiotics (although it may have other diseases) and at worst a brutal hobby or legalized serial killing.

  • Mary

    Todd Palin said hunting and fishing are our country’s core values? Betcha the GOP is pretty embarrassed on this lame remark. Perhaps the Democrats could teach first dude about core values – love of God, of family and of country. I guess in Alaska they have different values!!!! No big surprise since their own governor can abuse her power and authority and be above the law!!!!


    Nothing more needs to be said about these two… their comments show how ignorant they are….


    Maybe a fisherman needs a gun to go fish shooting.

  • Sam

    He was not referring to the core values of the US, he was referring to the core values of the Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportmen’s Club. Is there something wrong with that? And why is there so much opposition to hunting and fishing…what’s wrong with it?

  • Steve

    Hunting and fishing ARE america’s core values. hence the popularity of great sites like

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  • buckwheat

    what do you think ben laden thinks about hunting? don’t forget the key issues!

  • Alex

    Hunting and fishing aren’t values, they are activities. I might add that many ‘intelligent gamesmen” understand the value of protecting the environment too, and should not be criticized.

  • MIke

    America was founded by hunters and fisherman. Those of you who are uppity snobs and buy you’re food at the super market can’t understand the value of hard work and what it means to be a ture American. There are people who hunt animals and provide you with things to eat when you go to your upscale restaurants. Where do you think that steak came from? If everybody would stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and make this a counrtry of individualism again like oufr founding fathers intented, we would be alot better off. They cared for the enviornment but not at the expense of making life harder for humas if George Wasjhington could have cut down a rainforest to save one human life or even make that humans life a little bit easier he would have had it done. Thank you. Stop thinking your better then some people because you have a little education and you dont live on a farm or in the counrty where you have to fish and hunt to survive.

  • SAM0084

    Come on folks. You holier than thou, crap heads. Fishing I love, not much on humting, but if people want to do it and do it right, go for it. I guess you enviromental fools think too many folks are sucking off the tail pipe of and SUV. Get a life. In 100 years from now whne people look back and laugh at the enviromentalist, they just say, they were all nuts. It’s okay for all of you to do what you want and think it’s okay but not someone you disagree with. Also, I would like to see you smart folks when the lights of the nation are thrust upon you. I’m sure you would do your family proud, Betcha there VeggiTart, that says it all!!!!

  • http://msn hugh

    hunting and fishing…yeah, i.e., killing innocent creatures for fun. yee-haw! what a man!

  • http://msn gary

    Why are so many people against hunting and fishing? Where I come from, there are still people who survive on what they kill or catch, beleive it or not. It is not about killing for fun. You people who buy your food from the supermarket, didn,t somebody have to kill that chicken or beef?

  • Cheryl

    Salmon fishing is something like half of Todd Palin’s livelihood, something like a core value if you ask me. Some of you sound rather mean and narrow-minded and self-righteous in your criticism of Todd. Fish oil, by the way, which is obtained by fishing, I presume, is an important supplement used for treating high cholesterol and for Alzheimer’s prevention. I would say there’s a connection with the strong core value of health. Among all the poor displays of core values among the powerful, rich, and educated we’re hearing about these days, I think it’s rather narrow-minded to criticize Todd Palin over a comment about hunting and fishing. (In case you’re thinking I’m a Republican or that I don’t know much, I have 2 doctorates and 2 master’s degrees and can’t stand most Republicans. I also can’t stand other mean people.)

  • travo11

    The problem with most of you old Americans is that your stuck in the old ways of the world thus keeping America at a stand still. If the good ole boys had there way, we’d still have slavery. Hunting and fishing aren’t americas core values there your own personnal values. Once we start thinking and adjusting with times, Americans will be alot further in the World than it is. I mean i’m not the smartest person, but i’m x military and what we were taught as values were honesty, loyalty, commitment to country and love of god that sound about right when your talking values

  • marvin wilson

    just sitting here laughing at the hate mongers that posted in have to be a man before you can carry a weapon and hunt.and it dosent appear you so called males are.your not man enough to lick todd palins hunting boots.

  • Jeff G

    A bunch of feminized men.

  • Mad Roy

    “There are people who hunt animals and provide you with things to eat when you go to your upscale restaurants. Where do you think that steak came from?”
    Seriously? Since when do cows get ‘hunted’? Last time I went out ‘hunting’ I sat in a tree for 2 1/2 hours and freaking murdered the first buck I saw. It’s not hunting it’s waiting for an animal to walk into view and putting a bullet/arrow into it’s flesh so that it dies and I can eat it, and I’m OK with that. I don’t know why I even bother to reply to these ancient posts anyway except I’m bored as hell.

  • silver fox

    It is always interesting that when a real man with testicles like First Dude Todd Palin comes along the liberal castrata cannot handle it. Listen to them roar. They are impotent. It is akin to to the 60’s crowd compared to the Greatest Generation. both froupls cannot measure up.