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tori spelling westwood home

I’m not saying that Tori Spelling doesn’t have a portfolio of homes, but it’s nice to see that at least one of them is only 3,300 square feet. The Westwood, LA property is currently being listed for $2.3 million and features five bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, all-hardwood floors, built-in barbecue and a solar-powered saltwater pool with a Baja shelf and spa.

The solar-powered salt water pool is a nice eco-touch — and a great way to save cash on heating costs, while avoiding the toxicity of using chlorine. According to Jason from Low Impact Living, “An average pool can use $1,000 to $1,500 of natural gas per year to heat if a pool thermal cover is used. Without a cover, gas costs can rise to over $3,000.” In contrast, “A solar pool heating system will probably cost about $2,000 to $3,000 installed, and will provide about 75% of the energy needed to heat the pool,” Jason says. “This means that it will pay for itself in about three years.”

It’s not just her home that features some green touches — Tori is also dedicated to keeping her family natural too. She recently said, “When we had babies we tried really hard to do the research on environmentally friendly products and switch over for their health. We have loved Going Green! And, whenever possible we make sure Liam eats organic. Its important to us.”

Interested in picking up Spelling’s home? Jump here to see more details.

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  • Mark Souvalian

    I feel good about the solar pool. I know that most people usually overlook the fact that it is paid for in a few years and is a good selling feature, almost like a free pool.

  • L vyas

    I think we all should think about going green. Using green products we can help environment and save money too. I have a solar pool cover on my round pool. At first i wasn’t sure about will it work or not. But after using it for many times i give it a green light. By the way, there is this site that has great information on pool covers. I came across this site when i was searching for pool covers.

  • Total Solar Energy

    quite a few celebrities are coming out as being proactively green. johnny depp and woody harrelson immediately spring to mind.