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“I’m such an idiot – the thing was I was in there because this homeless guy was hungry. I went past and thought ‘I’m going to go in and get him some wedges.’ I was actually doing a good deed. It’s so me to end up the other way around where I’ve done damage.”

-Sophie Monk discussing all the drama that ensued when she was spotted leaving a KFC with chicken in hand. You might remember that here on Ecorazzi we had quite a heated debate over the subject and even had KFC employees chime in to verify the bag’s contents. Monk is a self-proclaimed vegetarian and PETA supporter so, as you can imagine, people flipped out a little bit when they saw the picture! What do you think, readers? Is it cool to support KFC if buying a meal for the homeless? Comment now or forever hold your peace!



    good to support homeless bad to buy chicken.
    So not so great! Money still supports cruelty to animals.

  • Karmalily

    Why buy homeless people food that you wouldn’t eat. If you want to do something nice, give homeless people the same higher-quality food that you would eat. Don’t just pop into a restaurant known for its cruelty and support it in the name of “niceness”.

  • chutneycarnival

    while she may choose this lifestyle for herself, she should not impose it on others. if the chap was hungry, then that human need comes first.

    i hope that most people do not have to travel to countries where not eating what’s being offered (meat) is an insult.

  • michael

    I’m sure there were a ton of other fast food joints around to choose from — odd for her to go into the one place that she’s denounced. Still, I’ll take her word for it and congratulate her on the good deed!

  • erin

    Not sure if I buy it. Hey Parrish ;) I need to get your email at some point but have yet another good story to share (yeah!) this one is a follow up to another you (or michael) did.

    Rachet is on his way home!!!! :)


  • parrish

    Erin- Thanks for the tip! I’ll let Michael cover this one since he wrote the original story. Email is!

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Potato wedge or chicken wedges? What are wedges?

    Anyway, a better option to feed the homeless is Food Not Bombs:

  • Leena

    They are potato wedges. Maybe not the best place to buy them from, but still vegetarian!

  • VeggieTart

    While I admire someone who would buy a meal for someone in need instead of give him money, I wouldn’t buy KFC or McDeathburger for someone.

    I actually had a simiilar situation a few years ago where I encountered a homeless woman who said she needed money so she could get a hot dog. I said I couldn’t do that because I’m vegetarian (I didn’t want to explain “vegan” to her), so she asked if I could get her a bag of chips. So I got her a bag of potato chips and a bottle of water. Part of me thinks I should have also gottne her a piece of fruit or something, but oh, well.

  • Emily

    This falls under the Good Samaritan clause for me. She was focused on the issue directly in front of her: feed a hungry man. Not everyone is prescient enough to explains their views to people in a situation like that.

    I say kudos to her for helping out. And now she knows that next time she should hop next door to someplace less heinous, and the rest of us have the benefit of learning from her mistake.

  • Stephanie

    I hate to be the bitter skeptic….but it just seem like a convenient story :P “Oh yeah….umm….i TOTALLY was in KFC buying homeless people food….yeah…” Like, who could ridicule me for THAT?!

    I agree that there were 100 other options esp since she was involved in a campaign AGAINST KFC. I really HOPE she was at least trying to help someone, but part of me is a bit skeptical.

  • Oversneer

    Hate to break it to you, Parrish, but Sophie is full of more than just tofu.

    Look at ALL the photos ( No homeless guy. She went right to her car.

    And lest you buy her line about only buying potato wedges, there’s a snap that clearly shows chicken-dipping sauces.

    Photos don’t lie. Celebs often do.

  • parrish

    Yowzers! Oh Sophie, say it ain’t true!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks Oversneer!

    Actually, it seems most of the blog world that is talking about this…pretty much think she is full of it.

    This was the only blog that had anything nice to say about it :D

    Us tree huggin’ hippies :P

  • erin

    ya she’s full of it. now i know for certain.

    how seriously LOW of her to lie and say she was helping a homeless victim. sick chick who lies and eats meat. BAN her.


  • small detail

    Um, if we decided to believe her story about the “homeless guy”, why wouldn’t she give him the drink too? The first thing I noticed after her denial is that she has the straw open in the drink–which means she was drinking it. If I’m buying a meal for someone else, I let them have the drink and put the straw in when they get it.