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Back in 2006, fresh from her breakup to Paul McCartney, Heather Mills told US TV show Extra that she was “developing a vegan fast food chain and vegan food markets.” Then, earlier this year, it was reported that Mills would be the host of a new vegan cooking show adding that she “couldn’t wait to share the details of her vegan lifestyle with viewers.”

As far as we know, neither of those plans came to fruition, but according to the UK Mail On Sunday, Mills is set to create her own vegan food range of meat and diary-free meals. Supposedly, she wants to team up with meat substitute firm Gardein to launch the range. After that, the source reveals, she wants to follow that up with a recipe book.

We’re going to go out on a limb and also say that her future plans probably include a vegan zoo, range of clothing made by only fair-trade vegans, and a vegan-only nightclub called “Soy Momma”.

But seriously, are any of these goals ever going to pan out?

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  • Eugene

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  • Penny

    Not trying to emulate Linda McCartney, is she?

  • michael

    Let’s hope not.

    I think she’s just a passionate vegan getting behind her cause — and potentially seeing a business opportunity in the making.

    That’s my wishful thinking at least…

  • Marie

    Heather Mills phase 6. She claims she was a model, a TV personality, business, charity worker, animals rights advocate…. now she is morphing into Linda McCartney? Truthfully she is a failure at everything and a liar.
    Fake meat is not good food. It is manufactured food. Nothing she touches is good. People should eat real food – vegetables, fruits, beans, rice. No fake food from a fake person.

  • e

    she has fake boobs and personality. To suggest she is like the late great Linda is sacrilege.

    she is the anti christ.

  • kyleSF

    Ms. Mills is one of the most outspoken and famous vegans right now. I think the publicity is great, even though it may be negative.

    To everyone who is dissing her…why is it so wrong to walk in the footsteps of Linda McCartney? I’m sure that’s not her goal. She is her own person and she is a passionate person. I would hardly think that’s a bad thing.

    Would the “antichrist” really pay out 1 million bucks to feed poor kids in the Bronx vegan food? I don’t think so.

    As far as plans…they come and go. We all have things that come up. Perhaps she’ll resume the plans later. Or maybe she realized that vegan fast food would be a hard market to make a profit.

  • Alternative Stores .com

    maybe one day she will get it right but you have to give her 10 out of 10 for trying

  • http://comcast shannon

    i think what she is doing is great if you go to choose you will see a behind the scenes look at what really goes on in slaughterhouses some of you will never eat meat again or go to an animal farm or the zoo or the circus, it’s cruel, inhuman, degrading to the animals that is why i am 5 days going on vegan today.

  • andrea segde

    The awful truth is that this demonic woman will never go away.

  • erin

    i’m with andrea sedge on this one.

    i think she does it for the attention.

    i tried for ages to hope she was better than that but she isn’t.

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