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It seems like everyday another celebrity comes out with a new video to offer their commentary on the current political situation. In a new video, Natalie Portman (aka my dream girl) and Rashida Jones discuss their solution to the worlds economic troubles. Enjoy!

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  • Adam

    I have an ex girlfriend that would think of and focus on puppies when she was trying to break a depressive mood. It is a fine line between escapism and denial.

  • e

    i thought it was cute and saw it yesterday but then was a little sad they appear to use a litter of pure bred pups -though i could be mistaken( I know i find the cynicism in everything, but some nice mutts would be nice..

  • Earlessdude

    I also noticed the fact that mutts were not in the scene. Where did they get those puppies, a breeder?

  • michael

    e — I was thinking the same thing, and cursed myself for analyzing so deeply. Still, in a perfect razzi world, those pups would have been mutts in need of rescue with a 1-800 number to adopt them after the fact.

    But hey, maybe I should just enjoy the puppies…

  • e

    M and E,

    It’s funny we were all thinking the same thing! Ahhh yes I do try and stop the roses in life I really do! But admittedly I often times find myself wondering if they’re organic ;-)


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