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Double Hitter! Coco Eco Mag And D&A Green Market Launch!

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What do high-fashion, sustainable designs and downtown LA all have in common? Designers & Agents launch of the D&A Green Market, a sustainable trade event encompassing the world of fashion, lifestyle, design and community. I was there on Saturday night and it was ecoutrageous!

The fabulously dressed, D&A co-founder, Barbara Kramer, told the Razz that she and fellow co-founder (Ed Mandelbaum) are committed to helping green be more than just a fad, but a lifestyle choice. Judging from the chic, conscious designs on exhibit, there are lots of high style green choices in furniture, jewelry, apparel and gifts. Barbara and Ed are putting their money where their mouth is as they are gifting space, in the eco-capsule’s Green Room, to young eco-conscious brands. In an effort to keep the Green Room… well, green… brands must demonstrate that a minimum of 60% of their product line is achieved through sustainable practices. That’s what I call Haute Ecouture!

green market

Saturday night was a double hitter as the Razz’s very own Anna Griffin launched her much awaited online magazine, Coco Eco, at the Green Market. People swirled around the Coco Eco booth to congratulate Anna and get a sneak peak at the super slick, online magazine. Anna says it’s for girls who, like her, think that the environment doesn’t need to suffer for ones fabulousness. I, for one, am with ya, sister!

Coco Eco is so f’n cool, I won’t be able to do it justice (but I am going to try!), so you HAVE to log on and see for yourself! Once you’re at the site, you can choose the place in which you want to read the magazine. Do you want to be loafing at work (like you’re doing now)? If so, you’ll have this fab wood paneling as your wallpaper and you’ll hear office sounds in the background which are way cooler than listening to your cube neighbor’s conversation with her mother (again). Or, are you more of a sit-in-the-park or rub-your-toes in the sand kind of magazine reader? If so, you’ll either be sitting on the grass or beach listening to birds chirping, dogs barking and people playing Kadima (well, I made that part up)! If that wasn’t enough, you actually get to turn the pages of the magazine without fear of a paper cut! Like I said people, this is one cool non-magazine magazine.

Show me the money? Well, actually the mag is totally free, if you read it online, that is. If, however, you are interested in retaining a copy on your hard drive (to read at a later date), it’ll cost you a mere $2.99 to download (.99 of which is donated to rotating charities) and of course they encourage you not to print it out, once downloaded. I’m coconuts for Coco Eco magazine!

Tracy Metro (and yes, Metro IS her real name!) is a TV host who was eco-chic before eco and chic were even hyphenated! Wanna learn more about this eco-conut? Grab a fare card and go for a ride at www.tracymetro.com

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