alicia silverstone barack obamaAlicia Silverstone has been joining Matt Damon on the Obama campaign trail in Florida to help get out the vote for the Democratic Presidential nominee. In a recent conference call with the media, Silverstone promoted Obama’s global warming policies and revealed her reasons for backing him saying, “I was impressed when I heard him talking about how we give corporations free rides regarding their use of the environment,” Silverstone said. “Obama will make corporations pay for the harmful emissions that they put into the air and keep corporations responsible.” [Read more…]

Actress Cate Blanchett walked the green carpet in Sydney, Australia today for the premiere of the new environmental documentary Telling The Truth. The film follows seven presenters, personally trained by former US vice president Al Gore as part of the Climate Project. [Read more…]

Could Ugly Betty’s Wilhelmina Slater be the next Cruella De Vil? [See more…]

Hilary Swank wasn’t the only new celeb to pick up a BMW H7. Actor Tobey Maguire was also spotted burning the hydrogen while out in LA the other day. [Read more…]

John McCain on Barack Obama’s concerns regarding nuclear power: “You know, the other night in the debate with Senator Obama, I said his eloquence is admirable, but pay attention to his words. We talk about offshore drilling and he said he would quote, consider, offshore drilling. We talked about nuclear power, well it has to be safe, environment, blah, blah, blah.” Could McCain be any less presidential? [Read more…]

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  • Stephanie

    vennessa williams look HORRID in that fur wrap….and those shoes just seal the figgin’ deal!@!@!

    How ugly and stupid looking can you get???

    I hate fur….at protests we see all the new fur “fashions” and fur trim and lining is on EVERYTHING from vests, skirts, jackets and i guess even SHOES.

    *puke* How heartless can people be?

  • VeggieTart

    What the hell was Vanessa Williams thinking? Those are what Glamour magazine (which I used to read many moons ago) would call a Don’t.

    And John McCain has shown time and again that he isn’t presidential. Not only has he picked the most unqualified woman he could find because she has the evangelical chops the nutty base of the party will appreciate, but he doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for his opponent. I thought he was going to blow a gasket at that third debate. And with his remark about the “health” of the woman, he’s also made clear he has contempt for the opposite gender. Hell, he’s just a mean old contemptuous man, and his brother is a jerk, too.

    But good on the other celebs mentioned in the article.

  • Free Thinker

    Alicia is correct. Obama Hussein will make corporations pay.

    Under Obama, the business owners in this country who drive the economy will be put to work by being forced to pay crushing taxes that will fund gold-plated healthcare for illegal aliens and welfare cases. So many businesses will die under an Obama administration that Socialism will be easy for Obama to impose. Instead of trickle-down economics, we’ll have trickle-up poverty.

    Obama will likely impose socialized medicine – that’s one of his goals. And reeducation will come in the form of the Fairness Doctrine, which Nancy Pelosi will push through the Congress by stressing the need to foster unity and avoid destabilizing the markets with hurtful and unbalanced commentary. This is what the future holds under B.O.

    Just remember, when Socialism wraps its slimy tentacles around America, you all will be the ones who made it happen by voting for B.O.

  • michael

    Hey Free Thinker, you lost me at “Obama Hussein”. Try actually making a point without slanting it in such a negative and ridiculous manner, and perhaps people will actually care to debate you.

  • VeggieTart

    Right, and the multibillion-dollar bailout of the financial institutions isn’t socialism? Sheesh. Someone needs to go to that company that took the money and then had a $500,000 retreat and snatch every penny back.

    Don’t you know, “free thinker,” we already have socialism, but for the rich. We get the bad socialism, where profits are privatized and risks/losses are socialized.