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A Hollywood Teamsters rep has slammed Eddie Murphy as “the most demanding and arrogant” celebrity according to Janet Charlton’s Hollywood blog.

Stories of the star’s wasteful habits and demands poured forth after Charlton chatted up some of the Teamsters. Here’s what she said regarding their comments,

“Eddie doesn’t believe in recycling. Every morning when he’s shooting a movie he demands a new set of special underwear and socks with the TAGS still attached. He puts it on, and at the end of the day THROWS IT AWAY. (Nothing is washed and re-used.) His motor home is stocked with toiletries like mouthwash and toothpaste and beverages, etc. EVERYTHING that has been opened is THROWN AWAY at the end of the day. He won’t use an opened bottle of mouthwash!”

Wait — so is this who Chris Brown got the idea from to wear underwear only once?

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  • Ashley

    Did anyone ever stop to think that he has a phobia?

  • Run-DMS

    ashley: I don’t fucking care if he has a phobia. That wouldn’t be an excuse, it would be something to work on and overcome.

  • Ashley

    Run-DMS: Spoken like someone who’s never struggled with mental illness.

  • Run-DMS

    ashley: wrong.

  • erin

    I am a clean freak. I admit it. But this man is a pig and embarrassment to black men EVERYWHERE!

    If he’s so phobic then why did he pick up a transvestite streetwalker on Santa Monica Blvd (where everyone who lives there – i used to live in we hollywood) KNOWS it’s where the male street walkers hang out.

    then when the streetwalker went public that Murphy picked him/her up for sex s/he was found dead fallen from a window (suicide my ass)

    This guy should be in PRISON not making movies. He is the anti Obama.


  • VeggieTart

    Ashley, if he does have a phobia or is a neat freak, he can go through counseling to overcome it. It sounds as if he’s just arrogant and wasteful.

  • Ashley

    Therapy doesn’t work for everyone. I’m not saying what he’s doing is good, I’m just saying it might not be completely his fault.

  • Ashley

    Run-DMS: Okay then, spoken like someone who may have struggled with mental illness, but unfortunately did not learn any sense of empathy from it, demonstrated even further by the fact that you swore at someone you don’t even know because they said something to be fair.

  • jamie lynn

    it does sound like he may have a psychological issue, and we SHOULD be empathetic to that. however, SOMEONE around him should intervene and help him take steps to stop such wasteful behaviour!

  • Ashley

    That was exactly my point Jamie Lynn…psychological issues aren’t things all people can stop on their own, they need help.

  • The Science Commenter


    Phobias are specific and not always rational. He may not find the he/she hooker dirty but get freaked out by doorknobs.

    Besides, the excitement of his he/she friend may calm his anxieties and make him forget about germs.

    Maybe if the he/she friend lived with him permanently, he would feel relaxed and less fearful, thus not waste as much.

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  • Brad W.

    Did anyone stop to think that maybe Eddie has lots of money, that he earned, and doesn’t really care what any questionable do-gooder thinks???

  • Jimmy Davis

    If he wants to waste stuff its up to him. It’s his money he’s wasting