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Actress Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart in the new film 'Amelia'

Last November, Hilary Swank appears on Oprah to promote Pantene Beautiful Lengths; an initiative dedicated to supporting and encouraging women who have lost their hair during cancer treatment. With scissors in hand, Oprah Winfrey then proceeded to cut nine inches of Swank’s locks.”I’ve been growing it for the last six months to donate my hair,” Swank said at the time. “I’ve been taking a lot of vitamins and taking really good care of it, knowing that it would go to a woman in need.”

It wasn’t just all for charity, however. The 34-year-old actress also was also getting ready to play the role of aviator Amelia Earheart, who had short hair, in a new film. Almost one year later, Swank is now back promoting the Beautiful Lengths campaign and encouraging people to donate hair to the cause. “One in three women are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. A lot of my family members have had their lives devastated by cancer,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying. “You just need to have eight inches (of hair) to donate,” she added.

For more information, check out the Pantene Beautiful Lengths website.

Photo: Hilary Swank spotted filming scenes for her new film ‘Amelia’. Credit: Sean O’Neill/

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  • Jessica

    I just did that same thing!
    there’s a company who makes free wigs for children in West Palm Beach, Florida. You can mail 10 inches of unbleached or permed hair from ANYWHERE!
    check out

  • Debora Carter

    I have a heartwarming story and can not get anyone to print it except our local newspaper.My almost 9 year old granddaughter has never had even a trim to the length of her hair only her banes cut.
    In August of 2008 she had 14 inches donated to locks of Love. I would love to send a picture. This is a small child with a heart bigger than many, I mean many adults in this country.Every year since she was about 3 we wanted to cut her hair but she had heard us talking about donated hair to locks of love and she told us every year from then on, she wanted to let her hair grow to give to the little children who had lost their hair from being sick.When she finally said o.k. to cutting her hair she donated 14 inches and still her hair was still down to the middle of her back.Before she donated her hair she was sitting on it and it was to her knees when it was wet. She is a very smart and special little girl.She will never know who she helped with donating her hair, but that was never her concern. She gave of herself to another. This is God’s Love and we all should take note of this unselfish act. Please help me pass this on to many places. To get the word out. I think is is wonderful when adults donate, but when you find a child who goes through alot just to let hers grow for that one reason, this is special. Washing, combing,braiding her hair was a choir for her and her mother,grandmother and great grandmother, we all took care of it just as she wished with patience and understanding that this was her goal. I would not be surprised if she was the only child with this length of hair at her age in the U.S.A. Thank you, to who ever reads this. I can fax you a picture that was in our local paper.
    Her name is Maggie Grace Shytle.
    My phone # 864-839-9002