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For us plant-eating folk, October is one big month-long celebration. As Ecorazzi previously reported, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day and kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month. To end the cruelty-free holiday, we pure vegetarians raise a glass and celebrate World Vegan Day on November 1st.

But you don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to participate in the fun. Anyone can party hard on World Vegan Day simply by abstaining from animal products for 24 hours! Simple, right? Of course you could always kick it up a notch by baking vegan cookies, wearing a pro-vegetarian t-shirt, passing out leaflets, or simply posting something groovy on your blog!

This year I’m spending World Vegan Day at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, but on November 3rd I’m continuing the celebration and renting out a space in midtown, inviting 40 of my nearest and dearest and hosting a screening of Earthlings – a great documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and co-produced by Persia White. Rory Freedman, my very favorite Skinny Bitch, has even agreed to write an extra special introduction for the event. How can anyone not heart Rory?

So the only question remaining is: how will YOU celebrate World Vegan Day? A picnic? A dinner party? Maybe a special meal at your favorite vegetarian restaurant? Leave a comment below and tell the world how you’re getting involved!!


  • Tim

    we have some great ideas for World Vegan Day, check them out here


    Will be running the table at Vegetarian Food Fest in Boston for

  • Margaret

    Going to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and bringing in some vegan treats for my students on Monday.

  • Elaine Vigneault
  • Amanda Baker

    I’ll be at the UK West Midlands Vegan Festival (, celebrating the start of World Vegan Month of November!

    One day, every year will be World Vegan Year ;-)

  • JC

    Rae Sikora and I will be having dinner guests Jon Camp (Vegan Outreach’s leafleting king) and Eric Griffin and Wendy Moore (University of Georgia’s twin towers of vegan activism)! I’m one lucky SOB :)

  • Su

    Making a mess of vegan chow for my carnivorous brother’s 30th birthday party!

  • World Vegan Day

    In London at our local health food store Oasis we will be encouraging non vegans to try vegan foods, we will be giving away 64 gifts – one for every year of vegan history.

    Our London Nutritionist has challenged Pizza restaurants to put a healthy vegan option on their menus.

    Our friends in Glasgow are celebrating their recent Best vegetarian restaurant award with half price World Vegan day menu at the 78, mono and stereo – with a special World Vegan day all day meal ticket for only £10.

    There is also a new Vegan magazine being launched for world vegan day Off the Hoof that will revolutionize vegan reading matter shaking off the fusty of vegan magazines to Stopping well shy of a Russell brand / Johnathan Ross controversy but challenging nonetheless.

    Lush stores are going vegan for the day – are you?

    There’s loads more happening around the world from Montreal to Melbourne check it out!

  • parrish

    What wonderful celebrations, ya’ll!

    Rain-Ra- Getting in that morning and should be at the show around noon. I’ll look for ya!

    Margaret- Make sure you stop by Rain-Ra’s booth while you’re there and support your fellow Ecorazzi reader!

    World Vegan Day- I love, love, love all of that! I wish I could be a part of everything going on! Can you get us a copy of Off The Hoof? Would love to check it out. If so, shoot me an email at

  • VeggieTart

    A sorta local Lush is having a vegan for a day thing, so I’m going to that.

  • World Vegan Day

    Happy World Vegan Day!

  • Vegan Month

    A new Vegan Magazine Launched for Vegan Month claims it is better than Viagra

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