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Rugby Ralph Lauren is launching a new initiative called “MATCH RUGBY” to help support young social entrepreneurs. Rugby will make grants to aspiring social entrepreneurs, helping them start and develop their businesses, through the creation of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation’s MATCH RUGBY FUND. To kick-off the launch of this social action program, Rugby will also introduce a capsule collection created of co-branded products, each item benefiting a unique and special cause. Presently, the group has hooked up with two of the Razz’s favorites — TOMS Shoes and Lauren Bush’s FEED project.

To help get the word out, Ralph Lauren has donated a prize package of Match Rugby jersey ($95), FEED for Ruby Bag ($100), and a pair of TOMS Shoes ($58). Want to win all three? Let us know below in the comments what social entreprenuership project you admire! One person will be chosen at random to receive the gift pack three days from now. Good luck!

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  • Savannah Grace

    The social project I admire the most is Lauren Bush’s FEED program and Tom’s shoes both I’ve supported by buying their products. I’m 14 and bought a FEED bag last year knowing that the money would care for a child in need. I liked the bag and the message behind it. I realized by supporting programs like this I could easily make a difference. This inspired me to start my own project and I have applied for a grant through DoSomething to furnish a school in South Africa. I wear Toms shoes (have 2 pairs) and know that 2 children got shoes because of it. These easy ways to affect others for the better has inspired me to lead causes not just follow them. I hope I can one day be as good of an example to others as they have been to me.

  • Sally

    I do like Lauren’s bags a lot … I just wish they were more affordable. But, she does great things and it’s a cute, unique design.

  • Jaime

    The social project I admire most is the yellow wristbands from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. WHat started as a small goal to sell 1000 wristbands quickly became a national obsession – several summers ago, these wristbands were out of stock everywhere. Millions and millions of the $1 bands were sold – and still are being sold – raising money for cancer and cancer survivorship. These are products that are easy and affordable to buy, defy trends, and promotes awareness just by looking at it.

  • Missy

    My fave social project is the Green Collar Jobs program started up by Van Jones.

    This initiative will bring about lots of cool jobs to those who need it most, not too mention it will be in sustainable fields.

    Mad props to Van Jones.

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  • Sara

    I would say Tom’s Shoes. They are changing the world is such an amazing way. I loved seeing pictures from the first US shoe drop.

  • Leo

    TOMS Shoes definitely. Their project goes a long way by helping kids directly from purchases. And its not like their receiving something that is of a lower quality than what we’re getting. It is the same. It defines equality. What we should have, is what they should get. I find it such an inspiring and creative project that they bother to actually get an extra pair of shoes sent to the less fortunate and not just donate money and see where it goes.

    We may find our shoes as something we should have and be complacent, but for them, I think it means alot and it goes a long way just for them to have a new pair of shoes to wear.

  • Brandi Stewart

    I’m inspired by all the young entrepreneurs trying to do their part to make a difference.

  • K. Miner

    As an Socially Responsible Advertising Agency we often get blank stares and the inevitable question, “Isn’t that an oxymoron?” The 1st post proves to me that our kids are ready and willing to take care of their earth in a way that no generation has to date, even through advertising and marketing responsible product lines. Their innovation and social consciousness are their core competency in becoming successful future social entrepreneurs!

  • hazel

    I admire the Grameen Bank which makes small loans to the impoverished without requiring collateral.