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PETA is standing behind spokesman Russell Brand after a controversial incident last week left fans up in arms. The incident occured last week on Brand’s radio show when the comedian prank called fellow entertainer Andrew Sachs four times, leaving lewd messages about the actor’s granddaughter on his machine.

Even though Brand has since apologized for the event, PETA has been swamped with calls and emails from angry members insisting that Brand be removed from the cover of the organization’s infamous Vegetarian Starter Kit.

PETA director Robbie LeBlanc has released a statement saying they will not take Brand off the cover because, “Mr Sachs, who is also a PETA supporter, has accepted Mr Brand’s apology, and that’s good enough for us.”

If you ask me, one thing has nothing to do with the other! Russell made a bad choice, okay! But he makes good choices everyday by committing to a vegetarian diet. To find out more and get your very own free vegetarian starter kit, visit!


  • TorontoViewer

    I agree with PETA’s position.
    Russell Brand’s whole approach to a veggie lifestyle is predicated on avoiding cruelty to animals which is the very essence of PETA’s philosophy.
    Good for PETA

  • lucy wordsworth

    anyone who is as currently high profile as russell brand is a valuble tool for peta to promote their message to a wider audience. I think they were absolutely right in keeping russell on their cover after all lets keep things in perspective the whole hoo ha was a storm in a tea cup.I am a firm supporter of peta and fully support and welcome russell brands involvement .