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I have to hand it to Maroon 5 — not only are they a group focused on pushing forward the green agenda, but they’re also making personal choices at home that reflect those values.

Take for instance the band’s annual Halloween party at the home of lead singer Adam Levine. This year, the party was catered by famous raw food chef Ani Phyo — who whipped up a whole bunch of raw vegan sweet treats for those in attendance. Celebrities dressing up included Kirsten Dunst as Amelia Earhart and Adrian Grenier as Oliver Twist.

For more photos — or some great recipe ideas and raw vegan inspiration, check out Ani Phyo’s site here!

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  • Adam Hiner

    I love raw vegan treats and that sounds like a great party. We catered a vegan wedding for Mary Grayr of Mary’s Secret Garden and we have been incorporating more and more vegan and raw vegan into our menus ever since. You can check out our website and blog at You can also find some vegan recipes from our chef at He is the food editor of the new online magazine.