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Maureen McCormick, who starred as Marcia on The Brady Bunch, admits she’s gone a little soft over the years. Unhappy with her weight, the former child star turned to VH1 series ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ for help losing the extra pounds. After competing – and winning! – the show, McCormick still felt like she had more work to do.

Who jumped on the opportunity to plug a lean, vegetarian lifestyle but – wait for it – PETA. Big shocker, huh? The animal rights organization sent McCormick a ‘vegetarian starter kit’ to help her get started on a healthier lifestyle that’s also friendlier to our furry friends. The starter kit includes nutritional information about vegetarianism, recipes and tips on making the switch.

Good luck to Maureen! I’d love to see her become one of the latest celebs to ‘go veg’. Of course, PETA may just have an ulterior motive – I’m sure they’re salivating over the prospect of Marcia Brady starring in one of their salacious ‘I’d Rather Go Naked’ ads.

via The PETA Files