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“I definitely want to adopt. My mother was a social worker and my dad was a youth offender officer, so I know that there are a lot of kids out there that need help. When I was in Africa, I wanted to take home all the kids. They were so cute. All of them had been orphaned because of HIV and it was heart breaking. There are so many kids in the UK and abroad who need help it’s difficult to know where to start.”

– Vegan pop-star Leona Lewis discussing her desire to adopt and proving once again that compassion has no limits. Rock on, Leona!

  • Sandra

    She’s not a vegan,she’s an ovolactovegetarian. But she doesn’t wear anything from animals anyway.

  • TRU

    Please Leona! Start by adopting one of the 500,000+ kids in the US foster system right now!