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As we’ve already announced (with great pride and gusto) Proposition 2 – an initiative in California to prohibit the confinement of certain farm animals in some of the cruelest manners – has passed with flying colors. But what we haven’t mentioned is that on the other side of the country in Massachusetts, Question 3 — which will make greyhound racing illegal in the state by 2010 — has also succeeded! And it isn’t just the government making efforts to reduce animal suffering! Jada Pinkett Smith has declared her own personal animal “proposition” as well.

Inspired by her family’s pet snake, Beauty, Jada has decided to ban all animals that live in cages from her home. She said, “I think I’ll never get an animal like a snake again where I have to keep her in an aquarium. We have this whole thing for Beauty outside for her, to be in a natural habitat. But at the end of the day, she knows she’s caged into her aquarium.”

“We can’t set her into the wild now, but I told (daughter) Willow we won’t do this again and won’t have any animals that need to stay like that. Maybe when I get older, that’ll become one of my activist endeavors.”

Activist is always a wonderful word and we just love it when we hear Hollywood’s hottest utter those three delicious syllables. If you’re interested in adding an animal to your family, but aren’t excited about contributing to often brutal pet trade, visit and adopt a pet in need today.


  • jamie lynn

    i totally agree. when i was younger, i had hamsters and birds and fish, but now i could NEVER imagine “owning” an animal that had to live in a confined area! we have a 10-year old cat that is given run of the house and yard and wherever he wants, and he always chooses to curl up with us at night. if you have to cage an animal for it to coexist with you, wake up–it’s wrong!