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As Ecorazzi previously reported, Jenny McCarthy is a hard-hitting autism activist and even has her own organization called Generation Rescue. Long story short, earlier this week Jenny was seen sporting an “I’m Tired of Autism” bracelet at the Women’s Conference and we just HAD to find out more!

Turns out the geniuses over at have come up with a way to do their part for the planet and mankind by launching a brand new program to raise money for causes ranging from Global Warming to AIDS to Cancer to Animal Cruelty. The best part: it’s through green fashion!

Here’s how it works: simply visit their site and for $10 you can purchase one of the many fashionably forward eco-friendly bracelets made out of recycled tires and metal.  Then, once you’re order is processed, half the dough will be donated to one of the many important causes they support.

There are tons of topics to choose from — I just bought an animal cruelty one which will benefit the Best Friends Animal Society — and each purchase not only raises money for a wonderful organization, but also helps to promote environmentally-sound fashion.

To get your bracelet, visit!

  • Gaby

    love love love it!
    such a great cause

  • http://ecorazzi Nita

    I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and I work with autistic children. I am proud to see such dedication for the cause. The small town and school where I was raised and now work is wonderful with our Autistic Students. One of our success stories is now in college, living on his own, drives, and is in the college band! And plays the piano like nobodys business!

  • The Science Commenter

    That’s awesome. I’m really interested in the autism/Asperger’s movement.

    People on the autistic spectrum sometimes have great musical abilities. There is a man who is severely autistic, sadly-he cannot even use the restroom by himself.

    However, he can play any great work on the piano, he is a national performer, and he only HAS TO HEAR IT ONCE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO PLAY IT!

    Yes, autism can be debiliating, but we haven’t fully tapped into the abilities of these individuals. Hopefully, we’ll find a balance to restore their ability to live normal lives without disrupting the “savant,” skills that often come with it, such as superior analytical and technical ability in those with Asperger’s.

    P.S. I noticed you have Ecorazzi’s link in the webpage. Don’t know if you know this, but that space for “Website,” is supposed to be for your own website, if you own one, not the website you’re making a comment on. If you are new to blogging/or commenting some of the stuff can be confusing!