Kelly Preston held a Scientology Concert on Monday to benefit the Sussex Air Ambulance Service. Say what you will of Scientology, but the event did raise $82,000. Sussex Air Ambulance Service Chief Executive, Dave Philpott, says the money will enable them to save 50 lives.

Singer Mariah Carey has revealed that not only does she sleep a whopping 15 hours a night (IS there 15 hours in the night?), she also uses “20 humidifiers around [her] bed.” Yikes. I wonder how much water that is a night? [Editor’s note: Not to mention the electricity!]

Marama Davidson, daughter of actor and New Zealand Green Party Member Rawiri Paratene (Whale Rider, Xena: Warrior Princess), painted her pregnant belly with the words “Vote for Me” in green in support of her father’s Party while doing outreach at Auckland University.

Kerri Russell was recently spotted with an organic Ergobaby Carrier when out and about with son, River. Want one for your own green tot? Click here.

The New York Public Library’s 2008 Library Lions benefit was the place to be for many celebs on Monday. Barbara Walters, Charlie Rose, and Ivanka Trump, among others, all made an appearance. The benefit honored Edward Albee, Ashley Bryan, Nora Ephron, and Salman Rushdie; and one of my all-time favorite writers, Nobel Laureate and Library Trustee, Toni Morrison, was the Master of Ceremonies.

  • General Public AYS

    “Say what you will of Scientology, but the event did raise $82,000.”
    This money was exclusively ‘raised’ by scientologists if ‘raise’ is the right word. More likely it was an order from Miscavige the midget tyrant to fix up a PR job. How much money does the cult use to suppress free speech, to hound critics, to subvert the court system ? MILLIONS !
    Nobody who knows the true ambitions of this totalitarian organisation is in the least bit impressed.

  • Gloria Idda

    OK, I’ll “say what I will” about Scientology, as you suggest. It is a vicious, multinational criminal network and mind control organization. People should know about its blatantly illegal and immoral activities, as illustrated by Operation Snow White and Operation Freakout. (just Google these terms.)
    About its “fair game” policy of harassing and destroying critics, as illustrated by the stories of Keith Henson, Frank Oliver and Paulette Cooper. About its fatal abuse of its members, including Lisa McPherson, Heribert Pfaff, Josephus Havenith, and others. About its brutal, illegal treatment of members who the Church considers in need of rehabilitation or punishment. About its tax-exempt status in the United States, which was gained by blackmailing the IRS. About its practice of breaking up families. About its “religious cloaking” and extensive use of front groups so that everyone will think it is just another nice bunch of do-gooders, instead of what it really is, a criminal racket. Go ahead. Go to Wikipedia and look up Scientology. Get the real story about this cult.

  • http://ecorazzi Nita

    I do not know anyone that is a part of Scientology. I live in a small town in the south. Do they get tax breaks?

  • sara

    All very valid comments… but also things we could say about the majority of world religions and their doings, as well as businesses and their PR attempts. Call me an optimist–or maybe just high on Obama!–but I’ll applaud most things save lives and/or help people. =)

  • Crystalfrost Jones

    Old ways of thinking are old.

    If a Scientologist does something bad, the same small clique of haters pops up and crow about it, and blame the entire church as a whole for that person’s act.

    If a Scientologist does something good, the same small clique of haters pops up and either claims it didn’t happen or says “oh, they just did it for PR’s sake” (as if there’s something wrong with that).

    To bolster their irrational hate-speech views, they have to resort to antiquated lies and rumors like “Fair Game” (1960s), Paulette Cooper’s ludicrous claims (1970s), or quasi-sinister conspiracy-theory accusations about Lisa McPherson’s death (1995), none of which are based in fact and none of which have any bearing on the actual Church itself today.

    It’s strictly cowardly and desperate attempts at “swift boating” of Scientology.

  • JayCKat

    $82,000 isn’t all that much for Scientology. Below is the price to become a member of scientology.

    Life Repair———$11,200
    Purification RD—–$2,560
    TRs & Objective—–$11,200
    Scn Drug Rundown—-$11,200
    ARC Straightwir—–$11,200
    Grade 0————-$16,800
    Grade 1————-$11,200
    Grade 2————-$11,200
    Grade 3————-$11,200
    Grade 4————-$11,200
    New Era Dianetics—$16,800
    Clear Certainty RD–$2,800
    Solo Course Part 1–$3,200
    OT Preparations—–$6,600
    Solo Course Part 2–$1,900
    OT Eligibility——$6,600
    OT I—————-$2,000
    OT II—————$3,800
    OT III————–$6,500
    And this goes up to OT8. Prices of additional course are not included

    This is a bill of $160,000. And given that Scientology celebrity members are donating millions. $80,000 isn’t much.

  • bob dobbs

    Wow, $55,000, isn’t that what Scientology spends on private detectives and
    lawyers to harass it’s critics in one day?

  • fbr

    Crystalfrost Jones, yeah the “small clique of haters” that include the governments of France and Germany that have defined Scientology as and absolute cult and are in a process of prohibiting their operations. The fact accepted by the majority of people is that scientology is a cult set up to extort money from its victims. Only people I have ever seen to argue against that fact are either personally profiting from the cult or are currently under the influence of it.

    I’m sure you are aware that Taliban and Hezbollah also do good by delivering aid to civilians that cannot be reached by aid organizations. It does not make their ideology or existence justified.

  • R6

    The fundraiser sold 1,500 tickets where between 50-250 British pounds a plate.

    Scientology donated 33 British pounds per ticket to total the donation of $85k

    Do the math where is the rest of the money?
    (and don’t say it went to expenses)

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  • moronymous

    L Con Hubbard was a madman and fooled generations. He even told them he was selling them a bridge. The con goes on.

  • David

    It’s always fascinating to see people criticize Scientologists, a group which has more anti-drug programs, more humanitarian programs and the largest volunteer organization in the world. I know it’s helped me.

    My question is this: Presuming we’re all out to have a better world, why are you so busy spending so much time hating something that strives for peace, spewing hatred when there’s enough of it in the world, spreading lies when there’s so little truth?

    Stop the hating. The price is too big to pay.

    After all who would benefit from more hatred in the world? Ask yourself that question and that might shed light on a “controversial religion” that isn’t controversial at all.

    Stop the hating. It helps no-one.

  • Megan

    David, since when is showing concern for people who have been victimized by the $cientology cult constitute as “hate”?
    You’ve been lied to about the purpose and success of their “anti-drug” and “humanitarian programs.” And your cult’s “Vulture Ministers” are considered a nuisance by VALID volunteer ministers and are seen as nothing more than a PR are ploy and a way of targeting vulnerable people.
    Again, showing concern for people who have been wronged by your $cientology organization is the furthest thing from hate & it is terribly hateful of YOU to accuse them of such.

  • fbr

    David, how wonderfully vague and meaningless blabber you managed to generate.

    More “anti-drug” and “humanitarian” programs than who? Care to give details of these programs? Like the “free stress tests” where you sit there hooked up to a differential resistance meter with the “volunteer” who pretends to see something useful in the random movement of the needles and asks intrusive questions carefully designed to find weaknesses that can be exploited? How much have you paid for this “help” you’ve gotten from the cult?

    Scientology is a cult, not an uncontroversial religion as you claim. If the government of France with a modern, professional intelligence service and no motive to irrationally hate any particular religion have declared Scientology a cult, then it’s safe to say it’s a cult. If you want to argue the opposite you better have far better evidence than the mindless dribble you wrote above.