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Wednesday has quickly turned into my very favorite day of the week! Why, you ask? Oh I don’t know…maybe because it’s Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around The Web Day! In case you’ve arrived fashionably late to the party, the Round-Up was created to keep our readers up to speed on the latest and greatest in the veggie scene. Because here at the Razz we’re always excited about spotlighting the hotness, today we’re psyched to feature two NEW veg blogs on the Round-Up. Everybody, meet Vegan Etsy and Bitter Sweet Blog! I’m sure you’re gonna love these two new blogs like they’re one of your own! And now, without further ado, another edition of the Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around The Web!!!

The Discerning Brute: Lean & Green: Jake Shields by Joshua Katcher
“He’s anything but beefy. Jake Shields is the clean cut, handsome, Mixed Martial Arts champ that has more buzz floating around him than a beehive.”

Bitter Sweet Blog: No Plain Jane Pumpkin Bread Here by Hannah Kaminsky
“With a cabinet full to bursting with cans of pumpkin puree, multiple bags of pumpkin seeds, plus giant pumpkins lined up on my front step, waiting to be carved, it’s a surprise that I haven’t yet turned orange.”

HSUS: The People Have Spoken: YES! on Prop 2 by Wayne Pacelle
“Friends, take a bow. Open the window and give out a whoop. Don’t hold back. Let fly the corks. In big, bold, indelible letters, you just wrote history. Proposition 2 passed with an overwhelming majority (now more than 62 percent, with 40 percent of the vote in), despite a massive, multi-million dollar campaign by the opponents.”

Vegan Etsy: Review- Starlight Jewelry by Heather
“Trade cookies for jewels hah! I hadn’t done a trade in a while so when Starrlight Jewelry contacted me about one I was stoked. We decided to trade 2 different batches of my cookies, for 3 of her beautiful necklaces.”

Vegan Soapbox: Veganism And Purity by Eccentric Vegan
An omnivore felt like ‘informing’ us and left this comment recently: ‘True veganism is absolutely impossible; a person cannot ‘not’ use any animal products.[…]’ Blah, blah, blah.”

GirlieGirl Army: Dazzling DHA’s by Chloe Jo
“When our friend Mary Max (of fantastic eco grassroots group Kind Green Planet) suggested we take DHA’s to ward off winter blues, we thought “Yea, sure, we’ll buy another pricey supplement that will do nothing for us, and then sit in our fridge for all eternity.”

Blog.Peta.Org: Ingrid Newkirk Answers Your Questions: by Christine Doré
” Well, as we promised last week, Ingrid has responded to 10 lucky commenters’ questions (see, it always pays to leave comments). Check out her responses below.”

And that about does it! Do you have a fancy pants veggie blog that we just HAVE to know about? If you’ve got the gold, leave a comment below or shoot me an email at and tell us where the sugar’s at!

  • The Discerning Brute

    I love the roundup! thanks!

  • marrisa

    hannah never fails to entertain me! bittersweet blog is a fail safe of mine when looking for a new vegan dessert to make! plus her hand made stuffed animals/creatures, soooooooooo adorable. I’ve gotta show my support for her as one of my favorite vegans and bloggers.

  • ClaraP

    Hey Razzers – we’re bloggin up the vegetables every week here at VegBox Recipes … reckon you’re gonna find some sugar there to add to your sugar bowl ; )

  • Molly

    Thanks so much for including Vegan Etsy!

  • jamie lynn

    awesome! my hubby & i love to see fighters that are mindful of their lifestyles–it goes a long way towards breaking down stereotypes of pale, emaciated vegetarians.

  • Chic and Green

    Vegan Etsy! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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