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Last night, celebrities like Kim Cattrall, Melanie ‘Scary Spice’ Brown, Myleene Klass and Dannii Minogue flocked to the Cosmo Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in London. The stars were recognizing the achievements of ‘real life’ women in categories like ‘Ultimate Survivor’, ‘Ultimate Against All Odds Star’ and ‘Ultimate Heroine’.

Two of the most notable awards were ‘Ultimate Eco Queen’ and ‘Ultimate Save the Planet Pioneer’, which went to Harriet Lamb and Emily Cummins, respectively. Harriet Lamb is director of the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK, and has helped raise awareness of the need for fair trade across the world.

Emily Cummins is the designer of a sustainable fridge which is now being used by some of the world’s poorest people to store medicine and food. She has also taught people in Africa how to make eco-friendly products.

Congratulations to Harriet and Emily, and also to the celebrity winners of other awards given at the celebration including ‘Ultimate Film Actress’ Kate Hudson, ‘Ultimate TV Actress’ America Ferrera and ‘Ultimate Icon’ Kim Cattrall.

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    WHAT OBSCENITY! This is merely a redesign using improved materials based on the fundamentally identical ‘pot-in-pot’ evaporative cooling device introduced (though not necessarily ‘invented’ considering its rude design and principals) by Mohammed Bah Abba as early as 1995. This is outrageous and she should be expelled from school and stripped of honor for the theft of another person’s idea and credit. It is absurd to think that in her research she could not have encountered this design or at least had it brought to her attention by now and if she has any honor she is obligated by the Truth to step down and turn over all she has wrongfully received. Another Thomas Edison… it is disgusting.