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“She’s taking a lot of folic acid and has upped her intake of milk and beef — all of which are supposed to increase your chances of having twins.”

– A “friend” of Jennifer Aniston is talking to Star magazine about Aniston’s alleged twin pregnancy with John Mayer. More milk and beef? YUCK! Calling all veggie parents of twins — chime in and tell us what you think about all of this animal-product grossness!!

  • ObamaMama

    Vegan mama of twins here.. they have been vegan since conception and of course dada is vegan, too. Although studies have shown that vegans are less likely to have twins than dairy imbibers (ew – growth hormones) I dropped two eggs like a champ. Now our vegan twin girls have been exclusively breastfed for 10 months and we’re still going strong.

    I struggle to believe that Jen is trying to have twins… but if it’s true I say just try to get pregnant, period. All babies are beautiful.

  • michael

    Yea, Hollywood definitely has a healthy obsession with twins at the moment. One baby is magic enough.