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“It’s very, very important to me that we use education and opportunity to promote world peace. It’s expensive, but it’s much cheaper than war. I believe President Obama can live up to those ideals. Of course, we want to lift the poor. We want to give more educational opportunities here at home. … We need a more compassionate, more giving, less selfish, less fearful government.”

- Music mogul and activist extraordinaire Russell Simmons discussing world peace, compassion and education. We think Russell is just grand – just grand!

  • Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au

    Right on Russel! I have been a fan of his and he recommends reading Autobiography of a Yogi. Well I read that book 12+ years ago and it transformed my life too! I got into Yoga, which got me into volunteering as a Vegetarian Chef around the World then I encountered RAW Eco Green Food 10 years ago, wrote my raw recipe book and now have my own National TV Show and all my dreams came true! Now I promote Eco Green Cuisine which is organic, not cooked and super delicious but the MOST ECO IN THE WORLD enjoy!

    Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au