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In a new interview with the Dallas News, Martha Stewart chats up her new cookbook — Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook — why her vegetarian daughter is a better cook, and her cool, new in-ground greenhouse. Here are some higlights:

On her daughter Alexis and her cooking skills:

“My daughter is a better cook than I am. And she’s the first to admit it! She’s limited somewhat in what she cooks because she is a vegetarian. But she’s a fantastic baker.” (Check out her blog here.)

On her new year-round gardening abilities:

“I have a new in-the-ground greenhouse devoted to growing vegetables all year-round. Because it is in-ground, it uses the least amount of energy to heat it. It creates its own heat. I have leeks, beans, turnips, lettuces, herbs, artichokes, beets and Chinese cabbages now growing. And soon I will plant tomatoes, cucumbers and peas. All organic, all local and homegrown. I can’t wait!”

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  • jaxin

    “She’s limited somewhat in what she cooks because she is a vegetarian.”

    I don’t know what her daughter is cooking, but after I went veg I cooked WAY more things than I ever did on an omni diet!

  • Renée

    Yeah, I get WAY more variety now as well. There are around 7000 edible plants in the world… not exactly limiting!

  • Aelys

    I’m not a vegetarian myself (I’m a pescetarian), but any vegetarian friend f mine comes up with WAY more and more original things than I do. They comes up with tastes and combination I’m sure most non-vegetarians even begin to imagine, and most importantly, they serve you vegetables and plants you probably never thought were edible. So I don’t see how you can be limited by being a vegetarian, on the contrary.

  • Penny

    has anyone seen an in the ground greenhouse? how cool!!

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