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Chuck Norris sure likes him some republican party! In case you’ve forgotten, earlier this spring Norris campaigned for presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Most recently, Chuck’s been spending his time working FOR Prop 8 in California to help ban gay marriage.

Chuck recently shared a poem he received with the world, echoing his feelings about the presidential election. The poem goes:

When all of a sudden/There arose such a noise/I peered out of my window/ Saw Obama and his boys.

They had come for my wallet./ They wanted my pay/ To give to the others,/ Who had not worked a day!

He snatched up my money /And quick as a wink /Jumped back on his bandwagon/ As I gagged from the political stink.

He then rallied his henchmen,/ Who were pulling his cart./ I could tell they were out /To tear my country apart!

They took off for his cause, /And as he flew out of sight,/ I heard him laugh at the nation, /Who wouldn’t stand up and fight!

Norris also took it upon himself to write a letter to Barack Obama suggesting 4 ways that Obama might get the opposition to “respect him.” Oh, Chucky!

Read the full letter here!


  • Aslan, the Lion from Narnia


  • VeggieTart

    What a jerk.

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  • e

    Ok I just wanted to add one thing; If this washed up informmercial wanna be mega dumb ass really were really a constitution buff he’d have been rooting for NOT Mike Fuckabee. This guy’s a hypocritical racist loser and I can’t stand seeing his ugly old face any time I turn on late night tv (which is rare ;-)


  • e

    Ok and one last thing; he loves to get on Carter’s case and blame Democrats for our economic woes? (er.. crisis) yet no mention of his fellow shit head friend Bush who screwed us all so bad we’ll feel it for decades.

  • RemyC

    I went to acting school with this guy. Back in 1975. Estelle Harman Actors Studio on LaBrea in Hollywood. I gave him the outline pitch and the title for one of his first movies… Good Guys Wear Black. I suggested a Lamborghini, he insisted on a Porsche… it ended up looking silly. he never gave me a dime or any credit for coming up with the premise… then in his autobiography, he dedicated an entire page to slam me for a critique i gave his acting in class, without mentioning my name even once. He might have won 7 world titles, and be a bad ass, but he has no honor. his only saving grace, is having done a training machine infomercial with an anti-nuclear liberal called christie brinkley… otherwise his movies, his acting… a waste of film! his movie career, a joke. this man could have done so much better if he’d had the inner strenght to look deeper inside himself and not just show the world surface sheen. wake up chuck, remember why i was there? to save the planet, and now, we have green hollywood, and guess what, you have no part in it. and now you dare slam obama in public, the first black american president? gimme a break! reality check mate!


    Agreed this is just ignorance and anger because he has money and does not want to give any of it up. From the same people who brought you the Iraq war but would not enlist… I don’t see these guys saving our country… all that action and for what? I think the most important thing is have a good legacy. Let people know that your a good guy… now people with think … selfish and ignorant

  • jennifer ramos

    CHUCK needs to give it up, he’s so 80’s.

    Jen Ramos
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  • Rachelle

    I think you guys covered it all. LOL! Why is this has-been still getting press? Maybe that’s his real angle…Spout dumb sh-t so people will notice you’re still alive. LOL!

  • jamie lynn

    meh, he’s just reinforcing the place he’s already earned in the modern pop culture psyche: as a joke.

  • jeff

    chuck. i would say you are with little faith and are right on the USA was founded with IN GOD WE TRUST! IF we lose respect for that we lose our morals and our freedoms. remember who created everything.we all know who!!

  • Jason Litzau

    I’d also like to see Cynthia Rothrock, Samo Hung and Michael Dudikoff weigh in the great 80’s chop-socky-political ninja island death tournament going on in this right-leaning, non-binding pants wearing, Walker Texas Ranger theme singing douchebag’s head.
    If I ever run for public office, I’m hiring the A-team.

  • Thomas Davis

    Just a word to my fellow liberals really un happy with old Chuck. I can’t say I agree much with Chuck’s view’s. But this is what we must do as Democrat’s if we wish to increase our numbers and retain power. We must treat Chuck and other’s with his views with more respect than they treated us all of these years. I am convinced that Chuck, and Sarah Palin, and other’s with similar views will destroy themselves with the greatest secret weapon imaginable. Namely: Their mouths!.
    Now some of us think these folks are a joke. I thought that of George Bush Jr. In retrospect, if joke’s are supposed to be funny, Bush was certainly no joke. He was a National tragedy. These people need to be taken very seriously.