If you read Ecorazzi daily (which I’m sure everyone does), you might have noticed that for the past few days our content — which is primarily supplied by myself and Ecorazzi co-founder Michael d’Estries — has been a bit heavy on the Parrish and light on the d’Estries. So where in the world has our fearless leader been? HAVING A FRIGIN BABY, PEOPLE!!!

I am so pleased to announce that today at 5:08 p.m, Michael’s wife Jeannine gave birth to Indiana Alexander d’Estries — a beautiful 7lb 9oz baby boy! Both mother and child are doing awesome and everyone at the d’Estries home is out-of-their-mind excited (and out-of-their-mind exhausted)! This is the d’Estries family’s first child and as previously stated, it makes me the only remaining team captain without a little one. I guess I’m just gonna have to attend lots of extra parties to pick up the slack of my fellow eco-holics! Oh, darn!

From everyone here at the Razz, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Michael and Jeannine on Indiana’s birth — we’re looking forward to watching the little tyke grow up eating his veggies and rocking those cloth diapers!

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    Congrats, that’s excellent news. Welcome Indiana!!

  • The Science Commenter

    OMG! OMG! MAJOR celebrity sighting indeed!


  • shannon

    Congratulations, Michael & Jeannine! Welcome to the world, Indiana!

  • sara

    Yay!!! Congratulations, Michael & Jeannine! Many welcomes, Indiana! We’re so glad to hear that you are all healthy and doing well!

  • stephanie

    Congratulations! He’s so cute!

  • http://www.noelledestries.com Aunt Noelle

    He’s beautiful! Well done!

  • http://BrainyBlonde.com erin

    wow that might be the most precious photo i’ve ever seen. congratulations (i grew in indiana and am partial to the name too!)

    congrats michael and family!

    :) E

  • jamie lynn

    did they name him after the dog? ;p

  • The Science Commenter


    I spent time in Indiana as well. I read your website intro and you talked about the deadly storms in 2005. I assume you were talking about the ones that swept through the Evansville area.

    Indiana is a good name! Besides, it’s celebrityish sounding like Summer, Phoenix, Rain, etc.

    Much better sounding than other regions like than Paris (aka Hilton)!

  • http://www.jessimonster.wordpress.com Jessica

    LOVE the name. About a week after I had my son I was overcome with incredible namers remorse when I realized I could have named him Indiana. Then his name would have been Indiana Stone (it sounds like the action hero I would have named him after). I’m the world’s biggest Indiana Jones fan.
    I also wished I would have named him Ezra. Ah well.
    Congrats on the cutie!