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“Some guy gave me her for free. He said, ‘I really want to give you this dog. It would be an honor.’ So I said, ‘OK! Can I bring her back to America?’”

- Paris Hilton discussing her trip to Korea and the subsequent “gift” she was given while passing a Korean pet-store. As previously discussed, Paris Hilton has 456,329,992,012,333 animals and just loves supporting breeders and pet-stores…YIKES!  

What do you think about this exchange, readers? Should Paris have accepted the pooch and “rescued” it from it’s pet-store fate? Or was this just more pet-store supporting yuckiness? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • e

    just more pet store yuckiness.

    she has no conscience whatsoever. let me take that one step further. she has no soul.

    i’d rather spend a day with heather mills any day over this personality-less inhumane idiot who is a sad excuse for a human being.


    Double edge sword on this one. I think pet stores are terrible cause they treat animals terribly but if you see a poor animal in a pet store you know it could be the end of its life so you kinda want to rescue them from the horrors. There probably needs to be regulations on purchasers and making sure they do know how to raise animals and same for stores. Stores should have regulations on making sure the animals are well treated and not just left to die.

    An Paris Hilton… not much to say about her… why is she in the spotlight? all because daddy is rich?

  • Jen Hamilton

    Poor Paris…can someone please show her a video on puppy mills already or send her a copy of the book A Rare Breed of Love. With a little knowledge under her belt she might be able to make a difference.

  • erin


    I’ve read reports on Peta (and elsewhere) that many involved in the animal movement have attempted to show this er…”woman” videos and documentaries on puppy mills, fur breeding etc..

    She apparently doesn’t give a shit.

    I wonder who the real “animal” is.

    She is an embarrassment for women everywhere :(

  • Banthe Furtrade

    That should be “accepted”, not “excepted”.

  • parrish

    Ban- GOOD CALL!!

  • khig

    If you were a dog would you rather be in a pet store or be Paris Hilton’s new purse-dog?
    …….at least pet store you have a chance to get a decent home.