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MAGGIE!!!! SAY IT AINT SOOOOOOO!!! Last night in NYC Maggie Gyllenhaal was photographed in what looks to be an entire forest of animals at the MoMa Film Benefit Gala Honoring Baz Luhrmann.

Now I don’t want to be quick to judge here — I mean Maggie did host the eco-friendly catwalk during LA Fashion Week – but that outfit looks pretty real to me. But it can’t be, right? I mean this is the same woman who fought poverty with a designer necklace and even kicked off the Climate Matters video contest. Should, could, would the Magster actually wear real-fur?

We need your help fur-experts! Examine the picture and take your best guest if this furry fashion choice is real or fake! My fingers are crossed that it’s fake, fake, fake! Chime in and give us your expert opinion!

more photos at:

[Update: Ecorazzi’s own contributing editor, Stephanie, identified this very real Louis Vuitton design. No word yet from Gyllenhaal’s people, but we’re pretty convinced it’s the real thing. Seriously, Maggie? Seriously?  See the proof here:]

[Update 2: WE GOT IT WRONG!!! Yes folks — it does happen every now and then. It’s just been confirmed by the Louis Vuitton website that indeed this jacket is FAUX-FUR!!! I repeat: Maggie was NOT wearing fur. We send our apologies to the cruelty-free actress and thank her for not supporting the fur-industry. We owe you one, Mags!]

  • Pierre

    hard to tell. I need to see a higher res. close-up.

    If it is fake, she could have clarified with an anti-fur button or similar.

  • Pierre

    Just saw some other photo’s over at splash news.

    I would say with 90% confidence that it is animal fur, probably from foxes.

  • parrish

    Wow! That’s terrible news!

  • Sara

    eww…I hope it’s fake!

  • Jen Hamilton

    Looks pretty real to me too.

  • Stephanie

    i HOPE it is fake, but it’s really hard to tell from pictures.

    Recently, i got a lesson in how REAL fake fur can look. I met the in-law and she was wearing fur trim…it looked SO real, but upon inspection and a little prick test…it wasn’t!

    So, let’s HOPE…..

  • Stephanie

    i found more pics and i think it might be fake. it doesn’t look really smooth and shinny…and it is sticking up at the shoulders.

  • stephanie

    Hey Parrish, I do believe that fur vest is from Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2008 collection and very real.

    I’ve seen it on a few other celebs – Eva Herzigova and one of the ANTM girls, and it looks like the same one Maggie’s wearing.

  • parrish

    stephanie- Wow! Good eye, Stephanie. It looks like Maggie’s fur is very real. I updated the post to reflect your findings.

  • Ali

    That’s really disappointing. I’m used to seeing fur on the usual celebrity offenders, but when you have a celebrity who isn’t known for wearing it, it’s always frustrating.

  • erin

    i’ve always thought she looks kind of like the fur she’s wearing. death warmed over.

    never cared for her face or her acting. now more than ever.


  • Bengt

    Hi, if you visit Louis Vuitton’s website and you’ll see this gorgeous fur vest.

  • Leo

    Yeap. its fur alright.

  • Nena

    If it is in fact real, then I would like Maggie to watch this brand new undercover video from Norway:
    All filmed in 2008.

  • David

    First off, why would anyone want to wear a dead animal. As well it’s very ugly and makes her look like a Cavewomen…

  • VeggieTart

    What a disappointment.

  • erin

    I wonder what her brother Jake would have to say…

  • steph

    NO NO NO!!!!!!!

    IT IS FAKE!!!!!!!!

    It says so RIGHT on the Louis Vuitton web site!

    Go to “catalog” then “women” then “2008-09 Winter Collection”

    And scroll down till you see the offending vest. Click on it for details.

    It “says” Faux-fur Sleevless Jacket (#31)

    I though it looked fake….

  • Nicole

    Ewww what a hypocrite!

  • parrish

    STEPH- THANK YOU!!!!! I found what you were talking about and made the correction. Once again, our apologies to Maggilicious and to you, dear readers. What can I say? We’re only right 99.9 percent of the time!

  • stephanie

    Well, that’s a relief! Thanks for checking, Steph!

  • FurFree Vixen

    Don’t be fooled — LOUIS VUITTON DOES NOT DO FAKE FURS. I don’t know why you’d believe that they do. Someone is pulling your chain. This is definitely a real fur. Disgusted.

  • VeggieTart

    I’d like to believe it’s fake, but too many “fake” furs are falsely labeled. Maggie G. may have believed she’s wearing fake but have been duped.

  • The Discerning Brute

    Regardless, she’s making fur look acceptable. It looks gross either way.

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  • Mia

    I’m afraid that it IS a REAL FOX-fur jacket, at least according to the Louis Vuitton website (I checked it in all languages) and all those scanned fashion magazine pages I was able to find online. NONE of the sources said that it would be fake.

    And even if it somehow happened to be faux, I’d find wearing such real-looking coat as morally wrong as a real one, because it still promotes that brutal “style”.
    I really hope I’d be wrong about this because I like Maggie Gyllenhaal and I’ve thought that she’s a sensible and environmentally aware person.

    I expect her to give a statement about this garment, but I’m afraid she just wants everyone to forget about it. I know I won’t and I hope any other animal and environment -loving person doesn’t either.

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  • Mark

    I emailed this website yesterday and was told it would be looked into, and in fact on the Louis Vuitton website it does NOT say faux fur in the description, it says FOX fur.

  • michael

    Mark, we answered your email with this post earlier this morning. Thanks again.

  • Pamela

    A lot of “faux” fur is actually real fur and just labeled deceptively – especially that which comes from China, etc. JC!!! Why wear fur at all, even if it’s supposedly “fake,” which it often is NOT?!! It is still glamorizing a horrific industry. Why can’t people just the f*ck off of wearing fur, period!

  • Tom

    Maggie, who I knew before she was famous, is a hypocrite on every level–fake or not, the intention is to appear to be wearing fur, and it’s vile. How about all that makeup? Is that cruelty free? She is just another rich girl who grew up with hollywood parents and, ‘gee, maybe if i show my breasts and have my ass spanked’ i’ll have a big success.