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As Madonna and Guy Richie end their marriage and the child custody battle begins, we here at the Razz are entertained/impressed with Madonna’s “list of demands” that she’s requiring Guy Ritchie to follow while with the children. If this whole “list thing” sounds familiar, you might remember that Heather Mills made a similar 8-page set of rules for Sir Paul after their divorce.

Some of the rules Madge has dreamt up seem silly, like: Guy can’t introduce the kids to any “new friends” or be photographed with the kids. But other rules — like having the kids stick to a macrobiotic, vegetarian and organic diet —  seem pretty groovy. Madonna, however, does demand that the children only drink Kabbalah water – which we’ve already reported is super wasteful and super expensive.

The requests continue with things like: No reading of newspapers or magazines and no watching TV or DVDs. All clothes must be 100 percent natural. Toys must be spiritually and ethically sound. Madonna must be able to speak to her brood three times a day. Bedtime stories for David must be from Madge’s English Rose books. Guy must not discuss the break-up. And finally, when the children are out in public their hands must be cleaned with disinfectant spray.

What do you think about all these rules? Are they good for the kids or too restrictive? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • Run

    Overall, they’re the sort of rules you might expect in a cult: No outside sources of information, no outside people to influence the kids being brainwashed, feed the kids only sanctioned food and drink, all toys and entertainment must be OK with the cult …

    Perhaps most disturbing is the prohibition on newspapers and magazines. If her children aren’t to be exposed to the news, she’s raising ignorant fools.

  • The Science Commenter

    She is probably trying to protect them from the tabloids and all the dirty stories-made up or real-they’re printing about her and Guy. (When referring to the children not reading newspapers and magazines).

    It is still pretty early in the divorce mess. Maybe after awhile, she will ease off on that rule.

    Of course, she could allow Animal Planet or something:)

  • shannon

    good gawd…can’t wait for those teenage rebellions. “the only bedtime stories will be the ones mommy has written”??? LAME.

    Ridiculous. The kids still have 2 parents and both should have input as to the rules.

  • sara

    I agree with Shannon–Madonna and Guy should work together to work out rules they agree upon. Hopefully they can work out a compromise that won’t suck for their kids…

  • steph

    I agree with the cult comment and the 2 parent comment.

    With all this “green, natural, blessed” stuff you think she would have had a more “natural” tour!@!@!@!

    I kinda feel bad for the kids…

  • Kristin

    As far as being sure your kids are eating healthfully, that’s one thing, but otherwise, it sounds pretty nuts.

  • Rainbow Warrior

    madonna got some good ideas but in order to become a top environmentalist she should really go furfree – if not, she is actually not serious!

  • Inaia

    Seem like normal and good, sound rules for the circumstances under which they live-being in th public eye the way they are. You can’t judge the rules by normal family standard, people! These rules are what brings grounding and normalcy in this type of life situation.

  • VeggieTart

    She’s nuts. The vegetarian organic food rule is fine, but all the others? She can only shelter her kids so long. She can ask that they be sheltered from stories about the divorce–no kid needs to hear the nasty details of why mom and dad aren’t living together anymore–but no news or magazines? No TV or DVDs? No books except for what mom has written? I agree with Run: That’s cultish.

    And they can’t meet friends of Guy Ritchie’s? What if he decides to remarry? One of them is his biological child!

    What a control freak!

  • Jessica

    I think Madonna is off her rocker with most of these. She’s just trying to be difficult. Way to make the divorce even harder on the kids!

  • happyapple

    Ok.. the food I can understand, that’s what a mom does but, all the other stuff, come on give me a break. Is it me or are her shows so totally out there. How can she do that to her kids. Do they never see what their mom does on stage. Hypocrite!

  • kyle

    I respect it but I think it’s total BS. I mean…kabbalah water for crying out loud. C’mon!

  • Misty Snatchwrath

    She is insane.

  • jozelle

    Shes WAY TOO demanding no wonder poor guy couldnt take her anymore with all her strict rules and regulations sounds like shes become another tom cruise where there so wrapped up in there “religions” that they become staright up weirdos of the highest order and stupid with there views instead of smarter with it. Nothing is wrong with kids being vegan and natural foods but have you seen all the other rules she has imposed on the poor man with this long list of DONTS …..jeez………. someone needs to chill out and evaluate WHY her marriag has failed

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  • gloria italy

    Madonna loves her kids and she`s just trying to protect them.what about people that give chips and burgers and cakes for food every day ?it`s great she makes sure they eat healthy,don`t read any crappy magazines and crap things they show on tv
    and i don`t believe she readsto them just what she wrote
    you people believe anything u read:)
    she`s a great mother and a great role model

  • banana

    she’s a fruitcake. Sure these kids might have a healthy diet, but under these circumstances these kids ain’t gonna have healthy self esteems. Goodness she’s lives double standards- no Dvd, TVs or newspapers, but she’s willing to drag her kids away on tour with her and pluck a little child from no where into a life full of cameras and media. Surley this can’t be healthy for any child. She’s nuts!!!

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  • David Baez

    She is getting crazy i think, people should not be that fanatic.

  • Sylvia Lawler-Rabinowitz Rober

    Media is harmful to young minds that cannot decipher what is true or not. I sent my kids to the “Waldorf” school because of their requirement to limit the children’s exposure to media in order to allow a child’s mind to develop naturally. Just think of a Saturday morning of cartoons, how much the young child’s mind is bombarded with unnecessary commercials. Children learn through mimicking what they see. Do you want your child to mimic the brats that are portrayed on TV as regular children? I don’t. I wanted my kids to grow up with their own mind that would think for themselves. I wanted to be the main influence in my children’s life not the tube.
    “Dare to Unplug?”
    Food is another important issue. Look at all the childhood illness. If Guy Rich or any man does not follow the mom’s wishes for raising the kids, at least the kid’s will know (when they are grown) that the mom tried their best to keep their lives consistent and healthy when with their fathers.
    Seems like she wants what is BEST FOR THE CHILDREN.