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You know sometimes Thanksgiving can be a total downer for us eco-loving, veggie folks. Sure, there’s plenty of vegan deliciousness to eat – I mean have you TRIED my pumpkin pie? But even still, knowing that millions and millions of turkeys are slaughtered each year for the sake of “tradition” can be kind of depressing. Well, Emily Deschanel and Farm Sanctuary are working hard to change all that with Farm Sanctuary’s Celebration FOR The Turkeys!

Deschanel – who Ecorazzi has met and can vouch for her extreme coolness— will be spending her Thanksgiving at Farm Sanctuary’s Orland, CA property as she hosts their cruelty-free Thanksgiving event. Can’t make it to Cali? Across the country at their Watkins Glen, NY shelter, Keith McHenry, founder of Food Not Bombs, will play host for the East Coast celebration! Now sadly, both of these events are currently sold out, but there IS a waiting list and we highly recommend jumping on that.

But no worries if you can’t make it — there are still plenty of ways to get involved! For a one-time $25 adoption fee you can participate in Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey program and receive a special certificate with a color photo of and fun details about your new friend, a Farm Sanctuary membership for one year, and a one-year subscription to Sanctuary – their quarterly magazine. You can also choose to home adopt by completing an adoption application.

As always, a big vegan hug to Emily Deschanel for leading by example and making this holiday season a compassionate one. Rock on, Emster!

  • steph

    Me, my BF and my sis all adopted turkeys that will “sit” with us at our veg table! Well, their pictures anyway <3

  • Charlotte

    Don’t get it? Her extreme coolness? Never heard of her being a cool, distant person. On the contrary why would she participate in such activities like these if she doesn’t care or if she’s a cold person?

  • parrish

    Charlotte- No, No! Coolness…like awesome, chill, rad, nardly, badass, wicked, pimp, neat, righteous,tubular, amazing! That kind of cool. It’s slang, yo!

  • Charlotte

    oh okay! lol! Sorry, but being Belgian I wasn’t completely sure of that! Heh. I knew that with cool people mean awesome, but with coolness I really thought it was about being cold, distant, …

    Anyway thanks!!

  • kyle

    Right on!! There’s a pretty good lineup with Gene Baur and the founder of Herbivore Clothing and Magazine (forgot his name) who will also be there. I’m excited. I’m a farm sanctuary virgin.

  • Kristin

    I love it! My dad is really looking forward to Thanksgiving (or as he calls it, Needless Turkey Murder Day), he’s requested a Tofurkey and the green beans he saw in this month’s Vegetarian Times. Holidays and such are much more fun when you can actually eat all the food. =)

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