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“I’d been vegan for many years, and then all of a sudden, when I was pregnant with Kai, I wanted a turkey burger. That was the end of my being vegan.”

Jennifer Connelly tells Marie Claire magazine how she fell off the vegan wagon during her pregnancy. What do you think about Connelly’s prego turkey-addiction? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • steph

    BOOOO I say!

    My sister managed through her non-veg cravings cause her morals were more important then food cravings.

    That is why people stay veg, prego or not.

    Did she go back after the baby was born? Proly not…so like many others, she proly just wasn’t into it anymore.


    yeah I agree I think it was an excuse to get out of being vegan. Or I would say she never was vegan. Vegan would not give up for such a dumb thing.

  • jozelle

    Dude by her not remaining vegan even when she is pregnant is solidafying what people think about being vegan is wrong and not healthy and thats so wrong of her and makes her look like such a tremendous hypocrite if you ask me !!!!!! She most know some women who were vegan even DURING there pregnancies and there just fine and there babies are just fine and healthy ……….jeez another one bites the dust as they say

  • stephanie

    I agree, Jozelle… there is such a misconception that you “have to” eat meat during pregnancy in order to be healthy. That is so not true and stories like this further that myth. I don’t know how many former vegetarians I’ve known that have begun eating meat during pregnancy because they were told they were putting their babies at risk.

  • Sibi

    If her doctor had told her she had to eat meat, it would be one thing, but to stop being vegan because she had “cravings” is ridiculous.
    I’ve been a vegetarian for years and sometimes I’ve wished I could eat something with meat in it, but I’ve never done it because my morals are more important, I’d just eat something else. Not that hard.

  • VeggieTart

    My ethics outweigh any cravings I might have.

    What a damned shame.

  • kyle

    Just to clear up a couple things. This happened 11 years ago and she has been vegan since after giving birth. I think pregnancy can cause a lot of strong emotions and urges and some may feel them more than others. I still think she’s a good face for veganism.

  • Elisa

    It doesn´t make any sense to me. You´re vegan every day of your life even you´re ill or pregnant. I think Jennifer is lack of personality and ethic principles.

  • Renée

    Pfft. I find the whole non-vegan “cravings” thing bizarre. I’m pregnant now. No particular cravings except for “more food!” Maybe because I’m pretty strictly wholefoods and pretty insanely healthy with fantastic blood work… but if I had those sorts of cravings I’d get a tofurkey and get over it. Perhaps these sorts of “cravings” are taking up space in people’s heads where their ethics ought to have been in the first place. Perhaps it’s a lack of support and information. Pretty darn sad for everyone… especially the turkey. :/

  • robert

    Strange, one would expect that when one is pregnant they would be even more careful to protect the unborn child…eating the flesh of tormented and diseased animals is a sure way to destroy the unborns purity and health putting the baby at great risk with so many diseases…talk about selfish.

  • fbr

    Renée, or perhaps the cravings are the body’s way of telling you that it needs meat?

    Robert, any research to back up the claim that eating any amount of meat puts an unborn at risk? Do these studies find that only “flesh of tormented and diseased animals” is risky and not flesh of animals that were not tormented or diseased?

  • hmmm

    Well, she was craving turkey and turkey contains tryptophan, an amino acid which is a natural sedative. And without the presence of meat in her prior diet…. I am sure she got a healthy dose unfortunately. Also, if she was eating a lot of sugars or carbs her body probably wanted to balance out the cravings with meat. You eat sugar,you crave more acidic types of foods like red meat.You eat veggies, you want grains Its all relative….

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  • natalie

    why is everyone so harsh? everyone does everything for their own reasons, on their own time, in their own way and it’s no one’s place to judge anyone’s actions but their own. i’m vegan and i have had some insane cravings for meat that i, of course, did not follow through on because my convictions ARE stronger than my cravings. BUT: when i was on depo provera (which basically, in a sense, hormonally tricks your body into thinking there’s a pregnancy goin’ on), i couldn’t control my meat cravings and i gained like 50 pounds eating burgers and steak and bacon. i’m not proud of it at all. i didn’t eat meat for seven or eight years before i started the shots and i haven’t eaten meat in the eight or nine years since.

    just something to think about, that not everyBODY is the same, so just cause when you or your sister or your aunt fannie was pregnant she didn’t HAVE to eat meat, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t have legitimate cravings.

    so, i’m sure lots of you are going to be judgemental of my actions or words, and that’s fine, cause i’m not judgemental of any of you and that makes me happy.

    you could show up at my door eating fried cat, and i would introduce you to my cats and explain why i don’t think you should eat them or any other animal, but i’d also offer you a place to sit to eat your meal, cause i’m not a bitch.

  • Dr. Marcus

    The thing is the vegan diet is unhealthy, what happened with Jennifer is that her parental instincts kicked in and she had to have healthy food for her unborn child. If you let a very young child have a choice of a huge variety food on a table they will eat the most healthy food a eg. animal foods as well as fruit. This happen to a young child that was forced to eat a vegan diet by their mother, when the mother took the child to the supermarket the child actually ripped open a pound of butter and started to eat it. Young girls need calcium for growth and to prevent bone disease the best source is milk, as you cannot get enough calcium on a vegan diet. I have been a doctor for many years and have treated a lot of vegan patients that have nutrient deficiencies and the majority of them have gone back to eating animal products to improve their health.

  • Dr. Marcus

    Carefull we don’t want people to know about eating healthy now do we?

  • Jesse

    Natalie that was awesome!

  • Rachel

    This is old, but I’m going to comment anyway b/c it’s something I stumbled upon.

    I agree with Natalie. You can’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes. I’m pregnant right now, and I’ve dealt with AWFUL cravings for cheese, milk, and eggs. And, just the thought of tofu, veggie burgers and other vegan foods I normally loved, iss enough to make my stomach turn.
    I don’t think she ate meat b/c she thought it was healthier for the baby. She just needed to do what she felt was necessary. Being pregnant is not easy. And, being vegan doesn’t mean being perfect.

  • Becca

    I’ve been doing some research and the cravings that pregnant women have is usually because the body needs that mineral or vitamin found in that food. A growing baby needs B12 which is found in meat to be healthy and strong and a lack of it can cause serious problems when the baby is born even death. So my only conclusion is that she wasn’t taking enough supplement pills and her body just had to have that. sorry I know the post is old but I just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • scott

    Jennifer Connelly is easily the most beautiful and intelligent woman in hollywood. I think she has some concept about what’s right for her body and child. Frankly, she looked unhealthy as a vegan; as do most vegans and vegetarians.
    Some of you people love to talk about your ethics and commitments yet do other things that show a lack of moral character. Give us all a break. I happen to personally know vegan body builders and they are all zealots.
    She can and should go on doing whatever she likes. God knows if she were my wife I’d bring her buffalo steaks I’d killed with my own hands, if that’s what she wants.

  • Zooey

    Wow! All you self-righteous vegans make all other vegans as my self look bad. Thanks a lot assholes.

    First off, I’ve never been pregnant, but it must be really hard. When my mother was pregnant she gave up meat (which may help explain why I’m a vegan), the thought of eating any kind of animal meat was so disgusting and untolarable to her, she became a vegetarian the entire time she was pregnant. After she gave birth, she went back to her traditional diet. How do you explain that, you self-righteous pricks?

    Veganism isn’t about being pure and carrying a “better than thou” attitude, it’s about reducing as much animal suffering as possible, not pretending to be better than others because your diet is different.

    Oh and to “Dr.Marcus” umm…for being a “doctor” you need to come up with a story that’s coherent and believeable. Go read a book.

  • Courtney

    I am 11 weeks prego and a newbie vegan. I had been a vegitarian for years and only ate dairy when it was organic and used in my own home, but turned to the karma free diet just about a year ago.. I can’t believe how badly I want smoked cheese and CHICKEN (gulp). BUT, I feel that going through this pregnancy vegan is truly better for my unborn. If it was important enough for me to do for myself, it is defenitly important enough for my child… If others don’t believe the same, it is not my place nor anyone else to say. Keep your karma clean and don’t judge people on facts unclear…

  • Anita

    I am 20 weeks pregant and have been vegan 7 years. I haven’t really had any special cravings until this week – all I want is tons and tons of fruit.

    I think too many vegans get off on the whole self-sacrifice and purity think and when you are pregant, to hell with sacrifice! – I get that! But I do not, nor have not been that kind of vegan. I eat better food that I ever did before. I am a big eater and I and not the type to diet or deny myself. There are so many fanstastic vegan foods now and since my husband and I cook a lot, this has not been an issue – so a vegan pregnancy feels perfectly natural and normal to me.

    I have been more offended by the smell of meat and cheese since I got pregnant though. I really did not suffer morning sickness UNLESS I smelled meat – BBQ is the worst – uh, the thought of it makes me want to hurl!

    Anyway, to each his own. I am having no such problems with a vegan pregnancy at all – being the vegan glutton that I am!