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You know how your car seems to run better just after a car wash? Well, there’s a similar conceit with women…we work better when we’re all dolled up! EcoStiletto knows that, so they hosted their 1st ever charity event, the Green Girls’ Night Out fundraiser for Dress for Success, an awesome organization that helps disadvantaged women gain financial independence through professional attire and career development. Their slogan says it all, Suits to Self-Sufficiency!

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, ecoista and Founder of EcoStiletto, wanted to take the idea of a clothing swap to a new level, so she organized the drop and shop event which took place at West LA’s celeb haven, Intuition.  Participants dropped off a TON (as in 6 shopping carts full!!!) of accessories such as purses, necklaces, scarves, belts…and then shopped for eco-fashions personally selected for the store and website by Rachel.  Intuition got in on the goodness by donating 10% of the night’s sales to Dress for Success.

Rachel thought that if she could get people together to donate their clothing to someone they don’t know — someone whose life might change dramatically because she has a purse or a necklace that completes her outfit and makes her feel confident enough to walk into a job interview and nail it — then it would be incredibly rewarding for everyone. And it was!

Also being rewarded (for starting young) was high school student, Ally Maize, who was on hand to talk about her nonprofit, Green Youth Movement. Ally said her goal is to educate kids all over the world about living green, and to get this important information in school curriculums.

Some of the usual suspects such as the always gracious Anna Getty and Sarah Jane Morris from the TV show Brothers & Sisters were on hand to shop, drink those delish organic cocktails from Bash Eco-Events and munch on some free-range bites by FOOD

For those who just got laid off, there were perks (beyond the Prarie Organic Vodka and Dry Soda) for the taking. The Healing Seed gave yummy hand massages with their gorgeous spring lavender hand cream while Perfect Organics freshened up cheek and lip color with their perfectly organic, vegan line of lip and cheek shimmer that smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream! This blogger was dolled up with their DC (as in Washington, DC) color and looked as fresh as a daisy when they were done. And she’s still workin’ it.

Tracy Metro (and yes, Metro IS her real name!) is a TV host who was eco-chic before eco and chic were even hyphenated! Wanna learn more about this eco-conut? Grab a fare card and go for a ride at

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