by Michael Parrish DuDell
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“I don’t think there’s anything that’s taboo in terms of talking about global warming. People need to be aware of the implications of the food that we eat and also of how the food is raised. Having said that, I have never been in the position because of my own choices that I insist that anyone else has to eat that way.”

- Dennis Kucinich discussing global warming and how it relates to what we eat. As many of you know, Dennis is basically a super-awesome dude and we totally think he’s on to something! To read the rest of the interview, visit!

  • erin

    I fricking LOVE this guy. He and Ron Paul (one of his best friends) really would have made the perfect ticket. And have you seen his wife!?? I respect a fellow 5’9 strawberry blonde vegan. Man is she gorgeous!

    Don’t get me wrong I love and embrace the Obamas but oh how I wanted the Paul/Kucinich ticket…