What a shady headline, right? Sorry, guys…I didn’t know how else to write it! On Wednesday, the ladies of the The View  — also known as Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselback, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sherri Shepherd — gave their audience members a super special gift! Each person in the crowd got a $150 gift card to ebags.com to pick out a Big Buddha Handbag.

Why is Big Buddha so great? Well some of them (I repeat, SOME), like the Bonnie Bag, are totally vegan — made with synthetic PVC for that leather-look without the leather-cruelty. But wait, synthetic PVC? Is that anywhere near environmentally-friendly? Great, now I’m conflicted!

What do YOU do when you want stylish fashion that’s leather-free and also good for the planet? Do you have a favorite eco-designer that’s veggie too?  Chime in and tell us what all you eco-loving, veg-eating environmentalists do for fashion!

via: vegetarianstar.com

  • Nancy

    I love Matt & Nat handbags. I have two of them and I would have more but I don’t want to be a consumer gone wild. My favorite one is made from recycled plastic drink bottles. It is the coolest, chicest most fashionable bag I have ever seen, I love it! It is vegan and made from recycled materials. You don’t have to sacrifice design and style to live compassionately, quite the opposite. Leather/fur/animal goods are tacky and a real throw back to like caveman days. I am a woman of the present and future, no pelts for me. Diminishing your impact of harm to this planet is what is truly stylish and sexy.

  • Rob

    Leather is also very environmentally damaging. So you can choose bad for the planet and bad for animals: leather, or bad for the planet: synthetic, or go for some natural plant fibres, like hemp, bamboo or cork, and win on all sides!