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Earlier this morning, Lindsay Lohan — while on her way to a VIP lounge at a nightclub in Paris — was confronted by an anti-fur activist who dumped an entire bag of flour over her head. The French woman then shouted, “Lindsay Lohan — fur hag!”, and apparently fled the scene.

Not soon after, PETA Europe’s Robbie LeBlanc released a statement regarding the incident — which makes me believe the animal rights organization may have been behind the stunt. He said, “There is nothing remotely ‘fashionable’ about the torture and death of animals killed for fur. Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all.”

PETA has long criticized Lohan for her use of fur — naming the actress to their “Worst Dressed List” and repeatedly urging her to drop the skins. Wearing two different fur coats over the last few days probably hasn’t helped either.

I’m not the biggest fan of direct assaults on people — even if it is with flour — but I’ve got very little sympathy for Lohan and her fur habit as well. What do you think of this latest incident? Too far or just cause?

[UPDATE: X17 scored some photos of the blow-by-blow. Guess the activist didn’t get away after all…]

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  • Steph

    Despite my very aggressive views of people that wear fur and companies that profit from animal suffering, this isn’t something I would do personally, but i have NO sympathy for her.

    I can’t say i support people directly attacking fur hags (with anything but VERY harsh language) but i’m not shedding any tears for this heartless hag.

  • parrish

    I’m like the most anti-fur person you’ll ever meet, but also strictly anti-assault. This kind of “activism” isn’t good for the movement in any way and directly goes against the very reason many of us choose a fur-free life: the desire for compassion.

    I send my apologies to Lohan on behalf of the animal rights community and hope that she will take the time to learn a little bit more about the violent industry she’s supporting by wearing fur.

  • jav

    It’s these sort of antics that make me embarrassed to be vegetarian. PETA just come across as thugs.

  • Brandi

    I agree with the other posters. I HATE fur and I think it’s barbaric and should be stopped. However, any assault type attacks only serve to give people a reason to hate activists! You have to fight in an intelligent manner, that’s how you win. You can’t win the war by throwing flour, paint or whatever else. That only increases the chances of the general public making fur-wearers out to be victims.

  • erin

    i’m curious what all of you think of pie’s in the face since that’s very common of many groups and brings much media attention. are those bad too? I think i’d rather have the flour on my head than a pie on my face (unless it were organic vegan of course ;)

    it’s a shame. i remember a few years back when this chick was just a girl (makes me feel oollld ;) and i thought she could have potential…. not a terrible actress, in a lesbian relationship now (speaking out against prop 8) but it’s as if she’s just wasting her talents now… a real shame. i gave her more hope than say paris loser hilton or jessica simpson or others in her “league” i hope she stops wearing fur, gets a clue and rises above it all.


  • jav

    @erin, it’s all assault at the end of the day. People need to find a better way of getting their point across.

    Most of the time it’s the action that is remembered not the reason.

  • CronkyVoddy

    Action is important. Direct confrontation with high profile animal torturers is a valid, useful and effective tactic.

    A little flour in the face is nothing compared to the torture and murder of animals.

    If you support animal torture. You are a fair target.

  • anonymous

    PETA needs some love too; what better way to get it then to go after a Lohan. douch bags

  • hil

    I agree with parrish that these types of attacks go against the compassion that the anti-fur/animal rights movement is based on. I also think that poring flour over a famous person’s head will probably back fire if that famous person is able to spin it in a “poor me I was just minding my own business and some crazy person poured flour on my head” kinda way, which I’m sure is coming up next. I think PETA should stick with appealing to fashion designers and using fur free stars in their naked campaigns to eliminate fur.

  • fbr

    CronkyVoddy, so it’s cool for me to go throwing four, paint, blood or whatever on animal rights activists in this spirit of “direct confrontation”? The reason why nobody takes PETA or you seriously is precisely these types of immature stunts.

  • parrish

    fbr- “Nobody takes PETA seriously” isn’t true and you know that. Yes, they DO have a reputation for being crass at times (I’ve certainty spoken out against them when I thought it was appropriate), but they have successfully created legitimate change in the industry and must be respected for that.

    With that said, I will never support assault tactics and “take no prisoners” activism.

    To Cronky Voddy- While I can respect your commitment, you and I have fundamental differences in our philosophy on how to handle the problem. As much as I publicly condemn those who wear fur, I also stand firm on my opposition to any group that destroys property, uses assault tactics or acts out in violence to prove a point. Look at civil rights victories throughout history and you will see that these “aggressive” tactics simply don’t create lasting change. It’s about winning hearts and minds through education and advocacy not throwing tantrums…or flour for that matter!

  • Rosa Close

    I can’t say I am sorry for LiLo! These types of hags are the ones who influence millions of teenagers, and empty head adults as well. They ought to be a bit thankful for the millions they get without a day’s work, and be more responsible and compassionate. That’s the the least expected from public figures who become millionaires because of the gullible societies we live in.

  • AssaultIsAssault

    Assault is Assault.

    It’s hypocritical to say I can assault is I disagree with you on fur, but it’s criminal if you’re assaulted in a disagreement over homosexuality, religion etc.

    This is a free country and it’s only free because you can’t use violence or the threat of violence to get your own way.

    This isn’t a prank, or a stunt for attention, this is assault. There’s no difference here between Peta’s methods and Clan members who spit on kids. Calling it a stunt trivializes the issue and makes them think violence is ok as long as it’s only for a cause or it’s from Peta. Assault is Assault.

  • michael

    I really hope PETA wasn’t behind this…but they did not at all seem to condemn the physical assault on Lohan either.

    Even if it was a bucket of rose petals, it’s still not appropriate to scare the shit out of someone like that. Advocacy and education are the best weapons. Not throwing some random white substance. Damn, it would have been embarrassing enough to Lohan if that person had just yelled “Fur hag!” and done nothing more.

  • Word Star

    It’s appalling that these “stars” still wear fur, after they’ve repeatedly been made aware of the ethical problems associated with it.

    China is the world ‘s largest exporter of fur clothing to the US and dog and cat fur is deliberately mislabeled so that it can be sold to unsuspecting Americans– the same China who cut safety corners to sell us contaminated pet food and toothpaste, lead-based-painted toys, melamine in flour, etc. and it is also selling us fur from animals that have been skinned alive (less costly you know).

    This is not an issue that concerns only animal rights advocates. Everyone from Martha Stewart to Paul McCartney has denounced fur. Even if we put aside the ethical problems (which you shouldn’t), fur is so out-dated. Women who wear fur look like my grandma going to her weekly bingo game. YUCK!!!

  • Aslan, the lion from Narnia


    You are sexy.

  • The Discerning Brute

    How about the violence of NOT doing anything. The violence of sitting on the sidelines and allowing the continued promotion of fur. Lindsay was not injured here, yet the numbers of animals who will be tortured and killed because of her very public examples are steep. Sometimes not doing anything at all is just as ‘violent’ (if not worse) than appeasing the fence sitters by being nice. Getting some flour on your head is not ‘violent’ or being ‘attacked’. Yes it’s embarrassing for her, but that was the point. Would the exploiter-appeasers who are commenting about ‘how terrible it is what was done to her’ be happy if we just gave everyone a big hug and pray to Buddha that they watch a fur expose? Get real. Exploiters always exploit unless they are stopped. You can’t reason with the unreasonable. She should be glad it was only flour.

  • fbr

    The Discerning Brute, please look up “violence” in the dictionary. Nobody is advocating non-action. There are civilized ways of advancing your cause, whatever cause it may be. Unfortunately people unable to compose logical arguments resort to childish stunts like this. Any organization that fails to absolutely denounce these types
    of tactics is not an organization that can be taken seriously.

    If someone throws white powder on a celebrity it is absolutely violent and qualifies as an attack. There’s no way to know that it’s just flour and Lindsay’s security guards would’ve been perfectly justified in using whatever force necessary to stop and apprehend the attacker.

  • The Discerning Brute

    fbr, Firstly, “civilized” ways, as every history book has shown, and as everything going on in the world right now is showing, are by no means peaceful. What do you mean by civilized? Are you saying that the ways of civilized people are better than those of traditional indigenous peoples?
    Secondly, ‘asking nicely’ never got any social justice movement anywhere. It simply falls in line with what the exploiters are willing to tolerate, because it is the exploiters who are in charge, isn’t it?
    It is completely ridiculous that we are even considering flour on the head an act of violence. It’s insulting to other activists, and it’s insulting to the animals – whose situations (in comparison to Lindsay Lohan’s) are far worse than some flour getting dumped on their heads. What are you so afraid people will think? That we’re silly? That we’re scary? We should be asking ourselves why we are so put off by these stunts and we’ll probably realize that way down in the heart of it all – it’s because we want to please our abusers.

  • Aslan, the lion from Narnia

    When fbr speaks, I get horny.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    I wouldn’t do it, but I can understand it.

    First and foremost, it was flour. It wasn’t going to hurt anyone. It just creates a little mess.

    But, in this climate of “terror” where governments and industries have LIED about the “threat” posed by “animal rights extremists” it is probably reasonable for someone to get fearful and worry that flour is something more dangerous, like anthrax. And that’s why I wouldn’t do it.

    But the level of anger that the activist felt against Lohan is, in my opinion, completely justified. Fur is wrong and celebrities who wear fur are sick, nasty, assholes.

    ALL of this worries me though. Some celebrities might stage events like this in order to get publicity. I think the media (including bloggers) ought to ignore celebrities and events like this. We ought not give them more attention than they deserve. We shouldn’t let wearing fur (or reactions to wearing fur) be newsworthy because then it’s an incentive to wear fur.

  • VeggieTart

    While the fur industry is unmitigated evil and brutality, committing assault does not exactly help our cause. It makes animal rights activists look crazy, and we really, really do NOT need that. I’d like to think we could ignore idiot celebs who wear fur, but star worship is engrained in our culture. Boycotting the movies of fur-wearing celebrities is an idea, but that unfairly penalizes actors who don’t wear fur and probably won’t discourage people from working with idiot girls like Maggie Gylenhaal and Lindsey Lohan.

    As for throwing things on or at idiots wearing fur, the only thing I would hurl is invective.

  • Rainbow Warrior

    this whole thing is very strange! please go to check the hsus-site where the two – gyllenhaal and lohan are seen in actions against fur – and though they seem to wear it! i think honestly that some celebrities of the show-business are suffering from schizofrenia and are not able to control themselves! so we have not to give them too much importance! that means we got an animal-protecting hard core from hollywood and bollywood – like pam, joaquin phoenix, sir paul, john abraham etc. so we actually know them – and the rest are psychotic followers who don’t know what they want! so let’s just consider the positive ones and the others should be ignored…….

  • Kyle Gray

    Whoever threw the flour over the FURHAG may not have been with PETA but doing it for her own reasons. Maybe a less invasive approach could have worked better, however maybe she just needed something to make her wake up and smell the blood coming from her fur.

    Lindsay Lohan stop acting like a victim, get a grip of yourself, afterall your the one who’s saying its 21st century and killing animals for fur is noticed more these days.

    What’s even worse she wants to be seen as a good person, then she’s wearing somethings dead body! COME ON.

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  • j

    I thought the incident was hilarious. It’s just flour- lighten up.

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  • RadicalOmnivore

    Fur rocks! Stand up to the closet fascists and keep fur real!

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