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In the year that I have worked for Ecorazzi the Maggie Gyllenhaal fur controversy has absolutely been the most intense, ever-changing, phone calls in the middle of the night kinda story.

Here’s how it went: I see this picture of Maggie wearing what looks to me like real fur so I post and ask for your help identifying it. We get tons of comments/emails from people weighing in on the matter — including people from the HSUS who say with 90 percent accuracy that it IS real fur. Ecorazzi’s own contributer, Steph, finds out where it’s from –Louis Vuitton — and we announce in an update that it IS real fur. Tired yet? Keep reading.

Then, one of our commenters goes on to the Louis site and reads the official description which says, “FAUX-FUR.” I go online, find the exact page she was looking at and confirm that it indeed says “FAUX-FUR.” So I call Chloe Jo over at GirlieGirlArmy (who’s skeptical) and Ecorazzi posts an update saying that Maggie was indeed wearing FAUX.  PETA ends up covering it on their blog and everyone is happy with Maggie for not wearing the real stuff.


We get an email from a reader saying, “You guys must be blind, it says FOX fur, not FAUX fur.” I go back to the site where I read faux-fur and now it says FOX fur. Now I can’t really make any accusations here, but I’m going to say with 99.8 percent accuracy that when me and our readers checked the Vuitton site last week it most definitely said FAUX-FUR, not FOX-FUR. I’d bet my year’s salary on it! SO WTF? Was their a typo on the Louis last week? I guess we’ll never know.

For now it’s safe to say that it IS REAL FOX FUR, which means we’re all a little pissed and somebody has some serious explaining to do. So write it up, mark it down and charge the crime — Maggie Gyllenhaal WAS WEARING REAL FUR!!!!!

  • stephanie

    I knew there was no way that was fake! It’s Maggie’s birthday today, too. Happy birthday Maggie, please don’t wear fur ever again.

  • Steph

    I am 100% SURE it said FAUX fur!@!@!@! I got to fur protests EVER WEEKEND to scream at fur hags, i wouldn’t make that mistake of FAUX vs FOX.

    And like other commenters said, LV could have been lying and then with all this attention decided they would get caught doing so.

    Well at least this is settled once and for all, and i can’t rub it in my friends face who yelled at me cause it was “OBVIOUSLY” fake and this is why AR people are stupid. Which prompted me to look at the site in the first place in an effort to PROVE HER WRONG.

    Yesh….what a mess this has been XD

  • parrish

    I KNOW!!!!! Steph I just emailed you! Thanks for backing me up! I reached out to some people I know at PETA and the HSUS! This story isn’t over…

  • Steph

    I got your back on this. Believe me, when I’m trying to prove someone wrong in the name of Animal Rights, I DON’T STOP and I DEF don’t want to be wrong and MAKE their argument. Which is exactly what happened cause that site said FAUX.

    2mrrw i will check my work computer to see if maybe it has the old page stored, but i doubt it cause the site is flash based. From now on…SCREEN SHOT!

  • The Discerning Brute


  • erin

    Louis Vuitton is an AWFUL company who tortures little animals. For all the women I see with their precious little LV handbags. Dump them and get some originality. I personally think those handbags (though not fur – they are leather) are the ugliest things I have ever seen. I refused to model LV more than once and never bought anything made by those unethical bastards. It wouldn’t surprise me if they changed the text either.

    BOYCOTT UGLY Louis Vuitton and Maggie (who I still think is a half ass fugly actress and always have) Her brother on the other hand is HOT HOT HOT!


  • Pierre

    If you or your readers ever come across what you believe to be false advertising or labeling of animal fur, you should:

    1. Immediately make several screen grabs (Prnt Scrn button then paste into image program and print as photo, .PDF files, etc.) if it is online. A .PDF file will capture the time and date and print it at the bottom.

    2. Go here: and
    a. view the guide to telling real from fake fur
    b. fill out and return the form to report suspected false advertising and labeling

  • FurFree Vixen

    i wonder if people who wear fur saw the anal electrocution and then the skinning alive — if they’d still think they look foxy in the skin of a helpless creature. no diva worth her weight in fabulosity would be caught DEAD in fur..

  • Brandi

    Booooooo Maggie, what a disappointment. That fur sure makes you look ugly!

  • Elaine Vigneault

    THIS is the reason celebrities shouldn’t wear real or fake fur.

  • erin

    ok could someone enlighten me and show on the actual REAL Louis Vuitton site where it says fur fox faux or anything else?

    So far all I keep seeing are links to some loser’s wanna be fan site for Louis Vuitton’s crappy clothing line. I want the real deal. Also if you find me the real link I might be able to look up an archive of if they changed it or not. But not without a link!

    Techy E

  • Julie

    erin: Look on the first post about this. There is a link to their store site that had the item.

    When I first read the post and went on the site, it did say real fur. I didn’t look afterward to see faux or fox though, as I didn’t know it would change. But it’s easy to spot the fox or faux.

    They probably changed it to “faux” when the whole thing was happening, hoping people would forget about it. Then they changed it to “fox” when they saw that people seemingly accepted it as faux, and thought no one would check after.

    Wearing fur is really disgusting. It doesn’t look good or glamorous at all. Just a pile of dead skin.

  • parrish

    Hey Erin- Okay, so because they use flash player there isn’t an exact website address. Here’s how to get there:

    1. Go to:
    2. Click on “English” “USA”
    3. Click on “Catalog”
    4. Click on “Women”
    5. Click on “Ready To Wear”
    6. Click on “Fall/ Winter 2008-2009″
    7. Click on the image of said jacket

    Under description you’ll see it says “Fox-Fur”. Last week it said “Faux-Fur.”

  • erin

    Aww thanks Parrish. I appreciate you posting that… I just came back from finally finding it myself only to see your post where you kindly spelled it out for me ;) Appreciate it. Alas, it’s a damn flash site (harder to go to and find an older version or elsewhere) But I trust Parrish and Stephanie 100% that it indeed said Faux. Shame on Louis Vuitton and their shady ways. And man are those hand bags ugly! I never understood the appeal.

    It does say Fox fur now and I think they’d definitely run into some serious legal issues if someone could find a way to prove the cheeky bastards said faux fur previously…

    There are tons of reputable sites that also say it’s real like

    at first glance it looks as if they’re saying it’s fake but read the article.. it’s just showing some fake alternatives to the real fur up top (which I do NOT recommend since even fake fur isn’t cool and I don’t buy it either)

    Oh and I don’t see any click to BUY button. I’ve only been on websites daily since 1995 and have a tech career and would think it would be more simple. Perhaps I’m sleepy but could someone tell me how much the damn thing costs? I hope LV goes down really soon. I think many of the women who carry their hideous handbags might think twice about spending a week’s (or more!) salary to buy one if they knew of LV’s business practices (and murdering animals)

    I can’t find one anti LV website. Perhaps it’s time to start making one.. Like they have for Procter & Gamble (please avoid their products as they refuse to stop conducting animal experiments on their products) and many other companies with bad business practicies/harming/killing of innocent animals.


  • erin

    Oh and kids, don’t forget another reason NEVER to buy Faux fur … As the wonderful HSUS points out it is often times real (and never enter a Burlington coat factory (another place I’ve boycotted for years) as they sell faux fur that is real fur!

    Ok that’s enough for today. Later I’ll work on compiling a list of
    vegan friendly AND eco friendly clothing lines or sites or at least items…. and don’t forget to be careful when you buy makeup/toothpaste/shampoo . Best to go organic and look for the rabbit symbol- NO animal testing ;)

    Erin xo

  • erin

    Just one link now; these are like the shoes i used to get in the 90’s – they were a little cheaper then – i was super young and broke! – but there are men’s to choose from too… and some cute women’s shoes on the page. i go for hemp. it’s vegan and eco friendly. not sure about the heels. but the ones i got back in my teens early 20’s were ALL hemp – sole and all ;)


  • Lex

    LV would never use fake anything for future reference

  • erin

    Yes Lex I agree. the only thing that might be “fake” are their models ;)

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  • Sibi

    I used to like Maggie Gyllenhaal. Not anymore.

  • steph

    FYI- I tried to pull my web history for that page that said FAUX, but thanks to flash….no dice :(

  • Mia

    I already began to think that there’s something wrong with my eyes when I kept reading FOX FUR on LV’s website, instead of faux fur. Thank you for clearing this up.

    I have a couple of questions on my mind.

    1. Case Louis Vuitton: Did Louis Vuitton mess up with the faux/fox thing on a purpose? With the “high class” reputation they have, I’d assume that they wouldn’t. But on the other hand, how would they make such a mistake on accident? And why on earth they’d lie about this fur issue when they are well known for their leather (=dead animal skin, duh) products, like bags and … pants?

    2. And oh-dear, Maggie: Did Maggie Gyllenhaal think that the fur is faux? I’m looking forward to hear some explanations. Does she want to represent the values of fur industry? That kind of a piece of animal skin is a statement, and she should carry a responsibility about it.

    erin, I found a scan of German fashion magazine which said the fur jacket costs about 4800 euro. (
    Another source (US based fashion mag called Riviera) said $ 6,780… ( … Page 163 on the mag).

  • amy

    fun conspiracy theory but…

    why would LV feature a fake fur vest in a major ad campaign:

    guess no one around here reads fashion magazines, that ad was all over them.

    and since when does LV use faux? lol!

  • Jeanie

    I was about to say what Lex said. A luxury brand as ostentatious as Luis Vuitton would never put faux fur on anything.

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  • Fur Farmers

    Synthetics can never be eco-friendly. They are made from oil. See for more. Cold weather clothing should come from natrual fibers to be considered eco-friendly.

  • mel

    just an fyi – faux fur can also mean cat or dog fur depending on where it’s coming from – in particular China. google it – it was a big controversy last year with major brands in big retail chains like nordstroms, etc.

  • Duke Antifur Dog

    If you care about the animals in the fur industry, please sign a petition to stop Google from advertising fur all over the world:

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