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Update: Maggie Gyllenhaal WAS Wearing Real Fur. Did Louis Vuitton Change Site?

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In the year that I have worked for Ecorazzi the Maggie Gyllenhaal fur controversy has absolutely been the most intense, ever-changing, phone calls in the middle of the night kinda story.

Here’s how it went: I see this picture of Maggie wearing what looks to me like real fur so I post and ask for your help identifying it. We get tons of comments/emails from people weighing in on the matter — including people from the HSUS who say with 90 percent accuracy that it IS real fur. Ecorazzi’s own contributer, Steph, finds out where it’s from —Louis Vuitton — and we announce in an update that it IS real fur. Tired yet? Keep reading.

Then, one of our commenters goes on to the Louis site and reads the official description which says, “FAUX-FUR.” I go online, find the exact page she was looking at and confirm that it indeed says “FAUX-FUR.” So I call Chloe Jo over at GirlieGirlArmy (who’s skeptical) and Ecorazzi posts an update saying that Maggie was indeed wearing FAUX.  PETA ends up covering it on their blog and everyone is happy with Maggie for not wearing the real stuff.


We get an email from a reader saying, “You guys must be blind, it says FOX fur, not FAUX fur.” I go back to the site where I read faux-fur and now it says FOX fur. Now I can’t really make any accusations here, but I’m going to say with 99.8 percent accuracy that when me and our readers checked the Vuitton site last week it most definitely said FAUX-FUR, not FOX-FUR. I’d bet my year’s salary on it! SO WTF? Was their a typo on the Louis last week? I guess we’ll never know.

For now it’s safe to say that it IS REAL FOX FUR, which means we’re all a little pissed and somebody has some serious explaining to do. So write it up, mark it down and charge the crime — Maggie Gyllenhaal WAS WEARING REAL FUR!!!!!

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