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“PETA should focus their efforts on educating people on what they believe are injustices instead of seeking press via harassing those in the limelight. I received an apology too many days late from the PETA folks (the blog removal was too little too late) and today I’m pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night. Not because I got powdered down, but because the girl who threw it acted like an animal herself. I take that back, it’s an insult to animals to group her in with them, my dog is FAR more civilized than that person. I would have more respect for them if they didn’t use other people to get their point across. Lindsay, Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Anna Wintour and the rest of the targeted celebrities aren’t the problem, I’m pretty sure they’re not the only ones wearing fur, in fact, they should be appreciated by PETA for giving them a target. If it weren’t for them, who would get them press?????

I know I’m probably going to get a lot of angry emails in response, but I don’t really care. I got enough last week for no reason so I’m more than happy to ignore the nastiness after seeing what I saw last night. I’m not about to throw on a fur coat in retaliation, but had I had one within reach, I’m not sure I would have walked away from it.

p.s. when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human? hmmmmm….. that’s one to grow on!

p.s.s. i think there are plenty of families that could have used that flour for a meal. nice job, lady.”

- Samantha Ronson discussing the whole Lindsay Lohan flour incident on her blog. What do YOU think about what Ronson’s thoughts?


    The main point is this: after all the horrific news on the fur industry it is a huge enigma to me how it is possible that even now after all these videos and fotos which everyone saw at PETA and in the net there are still fur-wearing celebs! what kind of unclean and unclear dirt and shit must rule their brains!!!!?????

  • Dan

    I agree with her. I’m a long-time vegan, but I’ve always hated PETA. Their tactics are stupid. They’d rather make waves by doing stupid publicity stunts like this, or asking a town named Fishkill to change it’s name (c’mon now) than to educate. And all these stunts do is get them negative press. It doesn’t help the cause, it harms the cause. It makes all people into animal rights look like extremist morons.

  • Sibi

    She’s got a point, but at the same time I don’t agree with her. Every one who wears fur is ignorant and uneducated in my opinion.

  • Dee

    I agree with Dan. I don’t think that Ronson is the most eloquent on the subject but I think that PETA’s angry activism is more harmful to the cause. I think stunts like that are juvenile and indicative of a warped sense of reality. Civilized adults shouldn’t wear fur and they shouldn’t do things like that to one another.

  • steph

    Has PETA directly taken responsibility for this?

    There are 100s of AR groups, this could have been one of them, OR JUST THIS PERSON ACTING ON HER OWN!!!!

    PETA doesn’t equal the be all and end all of Animal Rights.

    I wouldn’t do something like this but as i said before, i SHED NO TEARS over this.

    Just remember, the AR world is FAR BIGGER then Peta.

  • FurFree Vixen

    i heart peta. linds deserved this, and more.

  • janey

    While I think the woman’s actions were somewhat counter-productive, Lindsay and Samantha should get over it. It was some flour, she wasn’t mutilated, electrocuted or skinned alive like the animal she was wearing probably was. And Steph has a point, unless the woman specifically said she was with PETA then Sam just gave them some of the press she says they are always vying for.
    Also, not to validate Samantha’s inane logic in the “p.s.” by responding to it, but dogs will almost always throw down for their owners if their is a threat, canine or otherwise.

  • The Discerning Brute

    I felt embarrassed for Ronsen while reading her letter. She comes across as a total idiot. First she claims PETA should focus their efforts in educating people (which they do, better than any other AR org), then she claims that the girl who threw the flour acted like an animal. If she is trying to say that animals are mean and brash, I’d ask Ms Ronsen who the REAL animal is (hint: the one walking in with her who paid for the skins of helpless, tortured, animals). Then she wishes PETA didn’t use other people to get their point across. Um, Samantha – the problem IS other people who wear fur, who buy fur, who promote fur with their celebrity star power. Then she uses third-grade logic about the lacking capabilities of animals extending inter-species compassion as a rationalization for us not doing so (we do it because we are capable), and finally she resorts to saying that a starving person would have loved to eat that flour.

    SAMANTHA… seriously? Seriously! Lindsay could feed an entire village for a month for the cost of her fur coat and you are saying that the activist – the person with more compassion than both of you combined is the cruel one? But that make sense, because it is the nature of the cruel to accuse the compassionate of being terrible for pointing out their cruelty.

    You’re so full of nonsensical inconsistencies that I’m surprised you published this. It’s Just embarrassing for you.

  • Caroline

    Samantha Ronson has no credibility. She’s dating Lindsay Lohan. Enough said. If she doesn’t understand why PETA targets celebrities who wear fur than she’s got her head in the sand. People like the Olsen twins, Lohan, Wintour influence untold numbers of impressionable (albeit unintelligent) people. They make fur look chic and that’s why they should be a target. A bit a flour? Big deal. Tell that to the fox who was electrocuted or bludgeoned to death.

  • themessenger

    Sorry Ronson, you’re a moron, weakest argument I’ve ever heard in relation to this topic.

  • Christine

    This ignorant and heartless fur hag deserves whatever comes her way and the moronic defense by her girlfriend is just pathetic.

    This was flour, not red paint, and certainly nothing close to the real suffering that the dead animals she wears had to endure.

    You can’t expect to flaunt such hideous cruelty to animals and get away with it.

    Congratulations to the woman who had the gall to dump the flour on this idiot….we can only hope it will encourage LL and others to dump fur.

  • fbr

    After reading this thread it’s pretty hard to believe the “compassion” and “respect” arguments animal rights activists use to argue their positions.

  • boss

    so, hmm..
    here’s the thing
    why’d just lindsay lohan got attacked?
    there’s so many people around the world wore that fur. it’s just kinda weird.
    don’t treat a human like an animal.
    human deserve much better than that.
    hahhaa.. chill man

  • Animal Lover

    Please protest and boycott Zandra Rhodes and Saks. If you happen to be in OC, South Coast Plaza, please stop by Saks to protest, lawfully, from 1-3 PM, when the designer will be there to feature her new fur collection.

    Thank you.

  • Jeanie

    What I really don’t get is what AR activists who ruin the fur coats of celebrities think they’re achieving. These people have millions. You ruin their coat, all you’re doing is pissing them off, convincing them that AR activists are lunatics, and then giving them reason to buy another fur coat (you know, the one you just ruined).
    I’m totally with Dan on this. I hate this sort of “activism”.

  • Jeanie

    excuse me, I meant “to replace the one you just ruined”.

  • Karen

    I can not stand either one of these white trash idiots. Ronson thinks she and Lohan are such victims because people hold them accountable for their bad behavior rather than letting them run around doing whatever the hell they want.She should be happy people actually keep track of the no talant two of them and give them the press.

  • Debra

    Ronson says, “p.s. when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human?” It’s interesting how people can justify inhumane treatment of animals by claiming animals act inhumanely. Well duh! Animals ARE NOT human. However, the fact that animals are not humans does not justify the wholesale abuse of animals simply to cater to our vanity and glutoney. We have the itellectual capacity and resources to make other decisions and we should.

    I agree that throwing stuff on a celebrity’s fur is extreme, but it takes extreme actions to get the pendulum to swing back to where it should be. Animals will continue to be abused until laws protect them, laws won’t be created unless attention is drawn to the issue(especially when capitalism is involved), attention cannot be drawn to an issue by education alone.

    PS My dog might attack another of “its kind” to defend me.

    PSS I wouldn’t skin my dog and wear his fur even he didn’t defend me.

  • jp

    I’m sick of everyone making PETA responsible for every act of paint/flour throwing. I agree with Steph – there are so many animal rights groups and people that act on their own. PETA is about demonstrations and educating.