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Pulling up to the Environmental Media Association Awards and seeing a separate valet lane, exclusively for hybrids (love that), told me the night was going to be environmentally sound… or so I thought.

Here’s the good, the bad and the “you’ve-got-be-be-kidding-me” of the night.

The good:

Allow me to start with all of the A list celebs in attendance! Oh yeah, that part was better than merely good; that part was GREAT! We saw the Tiffany blinged out Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the lithe Maria Bello, the EMA Futures Award winning Rosario Dawson… oh, the list goes on and on – Lance Bass (FYI, it’s OK to vote YES for him on Dancing with the Stars), Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Sharon Lawrence, Amy Smart, Wilmer Valderrama, Jamie King, et al! But, of all the celebs in attendance, this Razz writer favors Jeffrey Tambor who emceed the night. He was utterly charming with his spot-on sense of humor that played to the very liberal crowd (read: Obama-ites).

In addition to loving the hybrid valet sitch, most of celebs arrived eco-style, in a hybrid car provided by the Econation car service. Shout out to Ben Bloch, the managing partner!

Also good was the food! There were some delish dishes provided by a few local joints such as 8 oz which served up organic mini-burgers (OK, so I ate 2 of them!), Campanile brought their root veggies while Akasha got us in the mood for Thanksgiving with a classic T-Day dinner plate. Not sure how I missed some of my fav spots (Real Food Daily and Jar), so I’ll just blame it on my second mini-burger (who knew how filling they could be?).

Another best part of the night was the silent auction! Who doesn’t love to buy crap you don’t need especially when the economy is in the crapper?! Listen, I never met a silent auction I didn’t love and I’ve got to say that this one was loaded with goodies. Did you see that killer Pasquini espresso maker? My friends, making coffee at home = less gas going to the Coffee Bean, no use of paper cups at said Coffee Bean, all while you control the free trade beans! Don’t underestimate how green that espresso maker really is!

The bad… er, how about the not so good:

Um, people… have we learned nothing from watching those long, horrendously tedious Oscar award shows? Well, evidently not… because this award show was long… and kinda boring… as far as Hollywood awards show go. I’m just saying the flavor of the ceremony will be much like your Thanksgiving Turkey… dry and bland. Might I suggest you consider some Tofurky, next week? It’s moist and delicious! I digress.

The you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me!:

So, the whole mission of EMA is to encourage the entertainment industry to help educate people about environmental issues and lessening our impact. Having said that, one would have thought EMA would have put on a waste-free evening, right? Well, they COULD have… if they had done away with “the envelope, please” and gone with a paper-free iPhone envelope or a Palm Pilot, no? And it wasn’t just an envelope… it was a full 8.5 x 11 piece of paper inside of an envelope. Ok, that’s just one sheet of paper who cares, right — but isn’t it about the message of waste? Surely they could have dispensed with Toyota’s (one of the evening’s major sponsors) Moby Dick-sized catalog of cars that was in every person’s freebie, messenger bag they were given the moment they walked out of the ceremony. I mean, come on, people. First of all, it’s an event to award the media for sending eco-friendly messages – what part of a 1-inch thick paper catalog says “eco?” Even if it were printed on recycled paper with soy ink (which I am sure it was)…. WHO SHOPS FOR A CAR IN A CATALOG? I thank Tiffany for their efforts with conflict-free diamonds, but I also have to ask who (in their right minds) is going to get use of the freebie Tiffany jar, adorned with the EMA logo on top? Can you say VERY expensive paper clip holder that was made in Japan then shipped here?

All I have to say is WHY? Why to the swag? Sure it’s always nice to get a goodie or two, but is that why people attended this event? To schlep around the party gathering loot, crap they don’t want or need, so it sits next to them in their office (yes, mine is right here) and eventually gets thrown out it out in a week or two? Wouldn’t it have sent a much stronger message if Toyota, Tiffany the LA Car Guy had a big slide during the slide show that said in lieu of crap you don’t want, we’re planting trees with Tree People? I know you’re with me, people.

Oh, and, if you’re interested in my Tiffany EMA jar, you can find it here I’m only asking $.01 and all proceeds go to plant a tree with Tree People!

Tracy Metro (and yes, Metro IS her real name!) is a TV host who was eco-chic before eco and chic were even hyphenated! Wanna learn more about this eco-conut? Grab a fare card and go for a ride at

  • RemyC

    eco-conut? I like that… Can I use it?

    EMA… for years since Bonnie Reiss (now the Governator’s right hand) and Norman Lear created the organization way back when nobody really put much thought or attention into using Hollywood to promote a green message, environmentalists have tried to bring the whole industry together.

    It took a couple of decades, and I honestly can say we’re there, at least in spirit… whether actor, director, studio head or unionized carpenter, the green bug has caught on in Hollywood like in no other industry.

    Entertainment professionals have been sensitized to the plight of the planet, perhaps because talent in the profession necessitates a certain level of empathy, as it would seem, all their non-working hours, which used to be spent basking in the St. Tropez sun, has since focused on donating their time to environmental causes.

    It’s like an army on the move. I warms my heart actually. Fine tuning all this, keeping it real, so corporate sponsors don’t ruin and derail the whole thing, that’s our job I guess. We’re the eco-fashion police!

    I used to be real hard on EMA, ECO and Global Green USA, like a parent is with their child. But now, I want to nurture, cherish and encourage what they’re doing, because they’re leading the charge.

    So yes, a lot of it is still surface sheen, and some just get into it, because they have to, they don’t have any other choice if they want to get hired in tinsel town.

    But in the bunch, there’s some real firecrackers, they know who they are, and now that we might actually have a new White House open to dialog with true green renegades, always wanting to push the envelop… look out!

  • Judy Glaser

    Celebs should take a look at the lawsuit brought by Ecuadorians living in the rainforest that Texaco (now owned by Chevron) destroyed and contaminated. Texaco dumped over 18 billion gallons of toxic water into the rainforest from 1964 to 1990. The toxins seeped into the groundwater that people drink. Over 400 people have died from cancer and hundreds of others are sick with respiratory illnesses and skin disease. Chevron refuses to take any responsibility for what Texaco did. Read this article in the Los Angeles Times this week for more information:

  • Caroline

    Mini-burgers?! Instead of Real Food Daily?! What, ecorazzi? That’s almost as sad as Maggie Gyllenhaal in fur. Booooo!!!

  • e

    Great article. Thank you for being honest and real! I went and looked at your demo (long but good ;) and swear I did a 30 second tv promo with you when I was just a young pup working in Hollywood for CBS’s “King of Queens” where actor Kevin James was in his UPS uniform and we were going gaga over him (like 4 of us girls) I swear that was Tracy Metro ;) Anyhoo if not you have a twin ;)

    Ok again great story


  • Beau Broughton

    Meat’s not Green! Tracy forgot to put the omnivorous food in the “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me!” category. The biggest way they could have made the awards more green would be to have all vegan food.

  • erin


    You’re kidding me right!?! I ASSumed the “mini burgers” were veggie no? I am absolutely floored if they are meat because A) I’d just assume someone so passionate about the environment as Tracy Metro didn’t eat meat (since as we all know – organic or not- it’s destroying our planet..) Even scientists and the UN will tell you that. Now I understand Caroline’s post…. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about eating a veggie burger. Now I see it was dead animal. I even went and wrote a post sticking up for Tracy on IMDB (when someone called her a radical on her strict environmental views) Well I’ll have to go back to the thread and say oh never mind, I know I said she was refreshing and amazing. I take it all back. She eats MEAT (which is absurd they served that at an eco awards ceremony) GROSS. GROSS GROSS to the ceremony and the HYPOCRISY.


  • erin

    ok I just went and confirmed 100% they are meat. Silly me, I didn’t even think to click the link because only fricking IDIOTS would serve (or eat) meat at an eco event. And I had to read an entire paragraph about the piece of paper they used as an award when you just ate an animal who A) had more than one tree cut down for the food it ate during it’s lifetime oh and if it was grass fed then B) had to have more trees down for that animal to graze on during his meager life (organic or not) C) (I’m not done yet) – The run off into our water supply that animal’s waste caused and D) the pain and suffering that animal was put through dying and suffering so it could be made into hamburgers.

    Eating meat is not sustainable. You don’t go to an eco event and say hey everybody I skipped the vegan food, ate two hamburgers (yum) and damn it they shouldn’t have used that paper! Doesn’t work that way. WAKE up.

    I can be cynical but was trusting those “Mini burgers” were vegan and now realize why I remain a cynic in this hypocritical BS eco society with wanna be’s jumping on the bandwagon who do not practice what they preach (but hey they’ll play an eco friendly wanna be on TV for money!)

    I am disappointed in them and in myself for thinking they were better.


  • fbr

    Erin, there’s no contradiction with eating meat and being “eco friendly” at the same time. One is an animal rights issue and one is an environmental issue. Some forms of meat might be produced in a way that requires large amounts of resources and may have a negative impact on the environment, however this does not mean that all forms of meat production necessarily have a negative impact on the environment.

  • erin

    From FBR; the one who hides behind initials and (if my memory serves me correctly) says wearing fur is sustainable…


  • fbr

    Erin, unable to counter my point again?

  • erin

    Person who hides behind initials,

    Again? I think I defended and proved my points rather well in the past (remember you’ve argued this with me before) and I didn’t feel the need to do so again.

    I’ve put a phone call into 8oz but alas, they aren’t open yet. So as soon as they are and I speak to them about their meat I will write a response (and perhaps a whole article online about the subject) but I think it goes without saying that it has been proven time and time again that eating meat is NOT environmentally friendly. Did you see the study put out by the UN Did you read what the scientists wrote? Are you saying they are wrong?

    I didn’t think so.


  • fbr

    Erin, FBR are not my initials. I fail to see what using my real first name would accomplish. Arguments stand on their own regardless of what name you attach to them. I don’t care if “Erin” is your real name or not, it’s completely irrelevant.

    You write a lot but rarely manage to make a logical argument. Just read what you’ve written in this thread, they’re all assertions with no real arguments behind them. Like the oh so eloquent argument that only “fricking IDIOTS” think that animal rights and environmentalism are two separate issues.

    It absolutely does not “go without saying” that eating meat is inherently not environmentally friendly. Some methods of meat production might be, but that doesn’t mean that every method of meat production is. Everything we do has a cost to the environment, if you think your vegan or vegetarian diet has no negative impact on the environment then you haven’t done your research. And if you’re going to cite some “UN” study by “scientists” you probably should, you know, cite it so that other people can know what you’re talking about.

  • The Science Commenter

    Fbr, one who gets his panties in a tight wad over an argument about his alleged initials,

    Unless one personally shoots their dinner with their own gun, eating meat does have a negative impact on the environment when you consider all the resources used to get it from whole animal to prepared meat at the grocery store or restaurant.

  • erin


    You failed to mention that in my post I also pointed out several ways that eating meat impacts the environment.

    I figured you’d be well read since this was national news but here’s the link.

    It’s also linked on the front of the NY Times, CNN, Yahoo, and even Fox News too ;)

    As soon as I reach the company that sold those hamburgers at an environmental awards ceremony (still makes me laugh at how preposterous that was) I will post with that info. But as of now I don’t know the details on the meat they sell. But as Science Commenter says – unless you shoot the meat yourself you’re impacting the environment in a negative way.

    That has already been scientifically proven so I’m not going to continue to argue your same old rebuttals that have already been proven FALSE.

  • erin

    I spoke to the people at 8oz. not only are the burgers NOT ORGANIC (except one – that is beef and comes from Argentina – can you say footprint?) but they are all GRAIN fed. That’s right. The only exception is the one from Argentina. But the rest – turkey pig, the other cow ones etc. are all grain fed and not organic…

    Did you know that:

    almost 40% of the world’s grain supply is fed to livestock. in the u.s., MORE THAN 70% of the grain consumed is fed to animals.

    70% folks….

    We cut down the trees to grow the grain to feed to the animals whose waste run off goes into our streams and rivers (think water supply)


  • Meghan

    EMA could also have partnered with a sustainable fine jewelry company (like C5) instead of Tiffany.

    Conscious consumers seeking fine jewelry that they can feel good about should check out

    Wear Your Commitment.