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Everyone loves a superhero, right? Well Shannon Elizabeth, best known for her role as Nadia, a sexy foreign-exchange student in the film American Pie, has shown her superhero powers by starting a non-profit animal rescue organization, called Animal Avengers.

The Animal Avengers rescue homeless animals, pay for veterinary care, plus find foster and adoptive homes for animals. Because they are a no-kill organization, AA is dedicated to finding a home for every single animal they rescue. WOW! 

To help fund the organization, Shannon sells autographed photos and official Animal Avengers gear. She even raised $50,000 for the group by participating in a celebrity poker match. 

If you’d like to get some fancy-pants Avenger gear and help support a great group, visit and get ready to put on your best superhero face. 


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  • avfuktare vind med krypgrund

    Lovely! A great heart and beautiful too. Go support her now!

  • steph

    Sounds like a great organization! I have been wanting to get a new AR shirt so i checked it out…

    To bad you have to be a SKINNY GIRL to support them through merch. Only one “mens” shirt, lots of Babydoll shirts but not a plus size (not even XL!) in sight.

    I hope they expand the selection and hope that the organization flourishes anyway :)

  • Jen Hamilton

    Awesome! Putting her money behind a great cause!

  • Me

    Too bad the organization went under years ago. This pub should do their research.

  • me

    Scratch that. Looks like their website has been updated since I last saw. Sorry to waste your time. Hope they keep up the good work.

  • Rosa

    I’m glad that celebrities get involved with charities. It shows there’s more to them than what’s onscreen.