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“In the last few years it’s gotten so that every restaurant you go to has a veggie burger or a veggie whatever, but yeah, people still think you’re weird. You don’t eat cheeseburgers, what the hell is wrong with you? So yeah, I think the only misunderstanding is how easy it is to be vegetarian and how healthy it is and how some people just don’t want to eat flesh. And the whole animal rights thing too. The way that burger ends up on your plate is pretty ugly. That burger may look fine on your plate, but if you go back and look where it came from, it’s disgusting, I think, really. A lot of people that are die-hard meat eaters think it’s crazy, but those are also people I think who are also good at turning a blind eye to where their food came from. I can’t really do that. I have to know what I’m eating, know what I’m wearing. That’s just my personality type. People can say what they want, but meat’s also awful for the environment. It’s a greater cause of emissions than cars.”

- Rise Against discussing veganism in an interview with Recoil magazine. To read the whole interview, check out their website!

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  • erin

    Bless their hearts… It’s a shame they have people surprised they won’t eat a cheesburger?? I too am from Chicago and actually grew up in a tiny town a few hours from there and in the 80’s as a kid I was a vegetarian and no one thought it was a big deal. I have never had anyone think it’s “weird” at all. Now granted; when I only want raw vegan organic food some might think that’s weird but hello? veggie burgers have been readily available for 20 years or more… Maybe they just have some die hard meat eating friends or something….

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  • rajiv

    i am also vegetarian!! my only regret is not stopping sooner!!

  • ShingekiNoK00ljin

    This is about vegetarianism not veganism…