While my wife was thrilled to hear that Hugh Jackman won People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” honor this morning, I was more interested and amused with Gordon Ramsay’s “Prick of the Year” win from GQ.

See, there are many, many pricks in this world — but Ramsay has proven, for 2008 at least, that he’s a bigger dick than all of them. From hunting puffins and eating their hearts to making sarcastic remarks about vegetarians to then suddenly feeling bad there aren’t more options for them in restaurants — Ramsay, we salute your wishy/washy, “nobody knows what I really care about” thinking. It’s maddening. And dickish.

For their part, GQ honored Gordon with the title because of his ability to mince the emotional stability of his intern chefs with his fiery temper. Will 2009 be a repeat year? We wouldn’t count him out — but look for darkhorse Chuck Norris to make a strong run at the title.

Check out all of the honorees here — including Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Eckhart, and John Malkovich.

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  • http://BrainyBlonde.com erin

    Thank you for this good news!

    This made my day (and made up for all the bad stuff that’s happened thus far and it’s only 930 am!)


  • Claire

    it’s not just because I’m vegan that I detest this man. What an idiot! Ugly inside and out!

  • Bill

    Finally! Someone else besides me who would like to punch this jerk. I don’t care how many god dang Michelin stars he has, I would not set foot in any of his restaurants.
    When he is on his death-bed, I hope he remembers how he sold out to FOX TV, and how he humiliated people just so some fat cat can have his precious soufflé, or whatever the heck they ordered.

  • Martha Powell

    Gordon Ramsey is a prick! He is passive aggressive; goading people when they submissively respond Yes Chef! until he cracks them. He is truly awful. While we accept that restaurant cooking is a very stressful job, many kitchens are filled with camaraderie, support and teamwork. He is abusive, cruel and should have no place on any airwaves.

  • mendosa

    than gordon is the most important prick alive

  • EM Max

    yep, I have to agree and I’m a Scot. But this guy is annoying as a big ol’ boil on the butt! please stop blazening his ugly crinkled mug all over the place. he’s even managed to put me off gin. good god!!

  • Barry

    When I first left school at 15, I was verbally abused by an older work colleage. None of which I ever responded to. Just like the weak people on Ramsays shows. I was traumatised for years because of this. I actually wanted to pay the guy a visit after I left the company.

    What he does is nothing more than abuse. It makes TV because people love to see his temper. If he was bashing people then even more people would watch.

    In the domestic home, it would be considered abuse and you could even be charged for it.

    That guy should be removed from TV, period. Then he should go to therapy.