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Benji is the perfect example of, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover. He is polite, well mannered, and he even calls me sir. We love him like family already. Benji doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and is a healthy vegan!”

Paris Hilton’s father, Rick, telling The Insider how much he just loves Paris’ new boy-toy! Will Benj help Paris find the vegan light? I’ll bet 20 dollars she’s at least vegetarian by the summer!

  • erin

    Rick Hilton then goes onto say “and what he’s doing with my porn starring, self absorbed, ignorant, snotty, fur wearing daughter with an IQ lower than the countless puppy mill dogs she buys is beyond me!”


  • Kalista

    I bet you $50 she won’t. They broke up. That means she’s back on track to her narcissistic, corrupted, abusive lifestyle. Way to go Paris (she said sarcastically).

  • Aelys

    Benji is much better off without self-absorbed Paris. That split is the best thing that could happen to him!

  • Patrick

    it’s kindof amazing that Paris and Benji lasted as long as they did