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I have one question for you on this glorious Wednesday afternoon: WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD ROUND-UP? I know I do. I mean who couldn’t love a sensible set of plant-based bookends on what is always another vegtastic week! On each Round-Up we try to feature one or two new blogs to spotlight. Today, however, we’ve gone back to our roots and are bringing you a few classic Herbivorian blogs we love to love. Enjoy, kiddies! 

Girlie Girl Army: Baaaah Baaah Black Sheep? by Chloe Jo
“Why don’t vegans wear wool – and what the hell else are they supposed to wear? Oh, sister, we have got you covered!!”

Vegan Soapbox: Should Animals Have The Same Rights As People? by Eccentric Vegan
“The question is deliberately absurd. Of course animals shouldn’t have exactly the same rights as humans.”

Blog.Peta.Org: Kosher Slaughterhouse Goes Bankrupt; Jewish Americans Go Vegetarian by Amanda Schinke? “Well, since Agriprocessors is (or, dare I say, was) the largest glatt kosher slaughterhouse in the world, the bankruptcy has led to a shortage of kosher meat.”

Vegan Yum Yum: Deconstructed Green Bean Casserole by Lolo
“I can’t say I’ve ever really been a huge fan of green bean casseroles. I think canned beans has a lot to do with that, along with the whole, you know, not vegan thing.” Bush Gives Factory Farms a Goodbye Kiss by Erick Marcus
“As George Bush prepares to leave office, his staff is working overtime on his, uh, legacy. The New Yorker has some good coverage”

HSUS: Ad to Adoption by Wayne Pacelle
“Today, I am pleased to announce a game-changing development in our fight against this problem.”

Vegetarian Star: Sandra Bernhard Wears Natalie Portman Vegan Shoes by Veg Star Staff
“During a chat with Graham Norton and Alan Cumming, Sandra immediately mentions that she’s wearing a pair of Natalie Portman’s vegan shoes.”

I’m exhausted! That was one hell of a Round-Up! If you’d like your meat-free blog to be featured on the Razz, leave a comment below or shoot me an email at! The more the merrier!

  • Nick

    This is great! Someday i hope my blog can make the cut.