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Sheryl Crow is gonna looovvvveeeee this!  On Tuesday Madeleine Pickens, the wife of the Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, announced she would be creating a refuge for wild horses to help protect the often exploited species. Ecorazzi reported earlier that the government had plans to “control” the herds and “protect” the Western range by killing off thousands of wild horses. WTF??

To help stop the killing, Madeleine has proposed buying about one million acres to serve as a refuge for the horses now in government holding facilities. Tom Gorey, spokesman for the Bureau of Land Management said the office welcomed the offer and agreed to hand over the horses once the land was purchased. 

Besides purchasing land, Pickens will be starting a foundation to raise money for the cause and claims that at her facility no animal will ever be turned down. “It’s such a beautiful sight to see,” Ms. Pickens said. “This is our national heritage, and it needs to be preserved.”

Oh man, what a great story, huh? We love to see those with means helping those without! Keep rocking hard, Ms. Pickens! We think you’re swell! 


  • Jen Hamilton

    Wow! What a kind woman and a beautiful gesture on her part. She does rock!

  • Elaine Vigneault

    She sounds like she’s using her power for good rather than evil :)

    However, she shouldn’t have to step in and rescue horses because the BLM shouldn’t kill them in the first place.

    It drives me crazy that humans have made the same mistake they’ve made with cats and dogs that they’re now making with horses. The BLM is setting up horse pounds. These are KILL shelters, exactly the same concept as with cats and dogs – adopt some out and kill the rest. Claim it’s “overpopulation.” Claim there’s nothing else you can do. Claim it’s necessary for public health/ the environment/ etc. etc.

    Stray/feral populations introduced by humans eons ago may very well do some “damage” to the environment or to human “enterprise” but that’s not a justification to round ‘em up and cull them. There’s no need to “manage” wild animals, even if they’re not native. Nature “manages wildlife” that just fine by herself.

  • Claire

    very happy to hear this!!!

  • steph

    Yay for using her power in a good way as another commenter said.

  • bmehra

    Way to go! I hope it really happens.

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  • LuLu and LoLLy

    we are 2 Maltese dogs and we say 2 Paws Up! for this awesome human. LoLLy is a rescue and all the awesome humans who do stuff to help animals really make this planet better, becuz then the animals can bring all the love and joy into the world that we are meant to. Love, Your PaLs, LuLu and LolLy.

  • Valhalla DePillo

    I can picture horses running wild and free, (has anyone seen that oldies movie ‘Billy Jack’)?? unencumbered by man’s rules, Then, man in his helicopter swoops in and corrals them all. Man has encroached on their land more and more until they are running out of land. So man adopts them out, but those they cannot adopt out they kill. There are over 30,000 horses man wants to kill right now, simply because they do not want to give them space to roam. They do not want to pay to feed them. So, they kill them. The answer to everything. Ban it, do away with it, sweep the problem under the rug.
    Then along came Madeleine Pickens. It is as if God sent an Angel from heaven to answer the prayers of those of us who love the horses. She is in negotiations to purchase 1 million acres for a sanctuary. People will be able to see the horses, camp out amongst them, and most important the horses will be safe. They will not have to die. They will be wild and free as nature intended them to be.
    President Bush is attempting to get Congress to provide funding for the horses for one more year so that Madeleine’s sanctuary will be ready. Let’s all write our Congress people and tell them it’s a go! Unlike bailing out greedy people, this is a bailout worth the money. Saving not only a part of our history, but saving animals that cannot save themselves and that if it were not for man, they would not need saving in the first place. And once the sanctuary is open, I am planning a trip to see the horses. If you live in a state that does not have wild horses, you will see, I’m guessing it is a spectacle to behold. I also guessing it will show us what it truly means to be free!