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Elizabeth Hurley has decided to shed her clothes for a new ad campaign. However, unlike PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” angle, Hurley is draping herself in some mink coats for controversial fur house Blackglama. So disappointing.

Model Gisele Bündchen is but one famous celebrity that previously also went the fur route with Blackgama. Then, much like what will soon happen, PETA slammed her decision and a tremendous amount of negative press followed. She immediately apologized saying, “It was bad decision on my part, because I don’t wear fur and I understand their [PETA’s] cause. I am the biggest animal lover in the world. I have four dogs and two horses, and I have rescued animals all my life.”

Of course, wearing fur is but the latest decision by Hurley to draw the ire of PETA. Back in July, she was sent a letter by the group over her new organic TV dinners that feature meat from her farm. “We urge you to allow the piglets, calves and lambs on your land to live out their natural lives in comfort and safety and join PETA in promoting a healthy vegetarian diet,” the letter concluded.

Looks like she’ll be receiving another one soon. Stay tuned to hear how this unfolds…

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  • steph

    Please, I hate this B***H with a passion. She is the most self centered stuck up jerk.

    A few years ago she said she’d rather die then be as fat as Marylin Monroe was.

    I’m not surprised and I’m sure she won’t give a shit like most of the true fur hags of the world.

    I really wish i could get 5 minutes alone with her in a room with no windows.

  • The Science Commenter

    Marylin Monroe was one hot b*tch! She’s crazy.

    Apparently her rail thin figure isn’t so hot to everyone, as her ex boyfriend Hugh Grant, got caught cheating on her with a plumper prostitute. LOL!

  • erin

    I can’t stand this ugly ho. She got knocked up by that rich guy (on purpose I hear) then married the super rich Indian dude. I know people who worked with her who said she’s more of a bitch than anyone they’d ever met. She is gross.

    Go see what I wrote in the Paltrow thread below. Gwynyth just sent an email to all her “Goop” members about how to prepare a turkey which is a “must” in her home on Thanksgiving. Almost vegetarian my ass!

  • Caroline

    Maybe she’s compensating for her pathetic career…

  • LiseyDuck

    Meh, I don’t give two fucks about this person’s sex life or the origins of her child, and would probably find the pics above quite attractive if they didn’t obviously involve bits of dead animals. But this, and the meat story, and the fact that she routinely goes shooting, kind of makes me want to push her in the pond. Naked. And I’m typing this while watching snow swirling around outside the window.

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  • Vegan Taco Bell

    I suspect we’ll see a lot more fur ads in the coming months and a lot of outrage to follow. Hopefully it will create an opportunity to get the word out about fur and stop the general public from reaching their hands out for a bloody fashion choice.

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  • Veronika

    Who cares what PeTA thinks?!! Who’s given these cranks power over our lives?!! To hell with them! Too many clueless people, especially celebrities, have bent over to kiss their behinds. This should stop immediately! Why can’t these people research and READ the TRUE agenda of the animal “rights” cult, and then critically THINK about the implications for society? It would NOT be a very pleasant picture, to say the least. There must be some truth about the dumbing-down of the public to give even a modicum of credibility to these freaked-out maniacs.

  • bon jovi

    She is totally hot! Yeah she is a bitch but hey she has a right. As for the fur. Cool! Its time some celebs stop cowing to the agenda of PETA.
    Animal rights: ok.
    Cruelty to animals bad.
    Veganism: I am one
    Peta: the craziest most hypocritical organization in the world (besides u.s. government)

    • mushypea

      There is no way in hell you are vegan if you think wearing another animals skin is cool. Its obscene. And you are probably the biggest hypocrite of the lot as well as being a prize idiot.

  • Bridget

    Not only is it obscene to wear the skin ripped from an animal inhumanely slaughtered, but why are they calling Hurley a “legend”? She’s a third-rate actress (at best) best known for skimpy dresses and a boyfriend who preferred a prostitute in the back seat of his car to her. Legend? Hardly…

  • nicky

    she is the worst model ever!
    she needs to accept being naked is the only way to be sexy!
    there is only 1 way to solve this:
    go naked in houston…in public!
    to prove she likes nudity and is a real model.

  • furgirl

    whats the difference between eating meat and wearing fur? i dont see any difference. wanted to ask this because i think many of you antifur people however eat meat or other animal products (milk, cheese etc.)

    so as long as i eat meat i will continue to wear my furs as they are beautiful and long-lasting aka. ecological

  • Celebeuty

    About Giselle, she keeps doin fur campaings and eva mendez who did a anti-fur campaing did a shoot with her in a car and a fur coat. She sucks