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How in the world am I gonna start THIS post? I don’t care much for Sarah Palin…okay, I can’t stand the woman! There, I said it! I had to keep my mouth shut during the election because we didn’t want to tell our readers who to vote for, but the election is over and I’m ready to go on the record.

This morning I woke up to countless emails and text messages from friends and readers with news that Sarah Palin had recently taken questions from the media live on camera while Thanksgiving turkeys were getting slaughtered in the background. I’m not kidding here!!! This is by far one of the most disturbing, insensitive videos I’ve ever seen! What was she possibly thinking?

Check out the video below and see this train wreck for yourself!

  • stephanie

    Ha! I was going to write about this too but I am so loathe to give her more attention. The video is disgusting! Be warned, vegetarians and those with sensitive stomachs!

  • Emily

    I’m so glad she doesn’t run the country.

  • Benjamin Turner

    This woman is dumber than a sack of bricks. HOLY SHIT.

  • Eric

    Its just like one of those slapstick comedies where the characters in the foreground are talking serious and shenanigans are going on in the background!

    On the other hand, I think slaughterhouses should get more coverage. I think it should be in everyone’s face, no matter the age. If people are going to consume dead animals, they need to make the connection, to see where it came from. I think if more people had to deal with the disgusting reality of what they are eating, there’d be more wonderful veg*ns in the world!

  • michael

    WTF? Unbelievable. Her next press conference will probably take place in a helicopter while shooting wolves with a rifle.

  • steph

    LOL @ Michael XD

    I love when she says “we need a little levity”

    *turkey’s neck slit*


    I’m so thankful she is not the VP!

  • Ed

    To be fair, democrat and republican politicians have for years granted symbolic turkey pardons. I think the point here is how ridiculous and inconsistent it is to pardon ONE token turkey while millions are unneccessarily slaughtered. While some people living in remote areas (like the Amazon or Mongolia) need animal flesh to survive, most of us would live healthier and longer without eating meat (google a nat geo article on longevity published a few years ago for more facts). Necessary killing is justified but killing without need is unethical.

  • Ken

    WOW you libs just can not stop attacking Palin, yes we lost, leave her alone! The election is OVER! She has not done anything to you morons, and yet you have attacked her, her husband, and her children. It’s easy for you so-called intellectuals to call any republican dumb especially Palin. A news camera positioned itself for an interview, yet you blame Palin, a worker could have stopped what he was doing for a minute, yet you blame Palin people like you will always look for “reasons” to blame Palin only in hopes of ruining the woman, her family and children…so keep trying to drag her down to your sorry pathetic level!
    A woman runs for VP on the Republican ticket…she is then chastised for not being a real woman by you demos…only because she does not hold to your narrow minded beliefs and has a life, yes you shall now MAKE HER PAY…why don’t you fix your own house before criticizing others…judge not lest ye be judged…get over it.

  • bill

    human’s have eaten meat since before we were even human, so give it a rest about the turkey slaughter travesty. there’s slaughter all over the world and will always be slaughter, man and beast. it’s called The Real World.

    sarah’s just a dumb opportunist trying to romanticize the alaskan frontier by allowing the turkey bleeding behind her. now, if a bear had been mauling one of her aides behind her as she maintained that level of nonchalance, i’d have been impressed.

  • michael

    I love how the reporter tells kids to leave the room before watching what’s about to happen. That’s BS. If people are going to eat animals, they should at least understand where their food comes from. That’s part of the disconnection that makes a kid see a turkey sandwich as something from a Deli and not a living thing.

  • jaxin

    I can only hope that interview made some vegetarians.

  • Alicia

    When I saw this I shot you an email because this was a MUST for putting on the site. I loaded it on my blog as well, I cannot believe this actually happened. I am sure the McCain handlers are happy to not have to clean this one up.

  • erin

    Hey Palinites. Please don’t stereotype us. I think.. wait, I KNOW Palin is a stupid and I’m a Libertarian.

    Ron Paul was my pick.

    Palin is dumber than Bush (if that’s possible)


  • morgan

    thank goodness she isn’t running this country

  • jamie lynn

    wait, i watched the interview and i don’t understand what is happening behind her. are they putting turkeys into a funnel? why? what is going on?

  • ChooChooCharlie

    Jamie Lynn,

    I think the slaughterer is putting the turkeys in a cone-shaped device that allows him (or some machine) to cut off the turkey’s head. It looks like they blur it out when the turkey is thrashing around in pain. :(

  • VeggieTart

    I believe it was David Schuster (subbing for Keith Olbermann) who said that if you weren’t vegetarian, you shouldn’t be upset at this. They also shouldn’t have blurred it out. If you’re going to eat meat, you should connect it with the death of a living being.

    Somebody–and not necessarily Governor Palin–messed up by not finding a better backdrop to conduct the interview. However, if it gets one person to stop eating animals, well, I will have her or her staff to thank.

  • jamie lynn

    thanks for the explanation. i honestly don’t know much about how turkeys are processed.

    VT “If you’re going to eat meat, you should connect it with the death of a living being. ”

    so true. i had early thanksgiving with some friends this week, and her 4 yr. old son said “i LOVE turkey! turkey the food, not turkey the animal.” and i said “you know what? they’re the same thing.” and his eyes got wide and i could tell he was thinking about it. sure enough, he got in trouble with dad for not eating his turkey!

  • fbr

    What’s disturbing are the reactions that people have to one animal killing another for food – a completely natural thing. I doubt anyone beyond the age of 6 would fail to associate eating meat with a death of a living being. Unfortunately, the calls for making the connection are all too often calls to shock people rather than to educate people. We do not live in a utopia, unpleasant things happen in real life. It is a sign of maturity to be able to accept this rather than naively chase some unattainable utopia.

  • The Science Commenter


    Yes, unpleasant things happen in life, but it’s not always inevitable.

    We’ve made a lot of progress in society in lessening the amount of bad things that happen from the treatment and curing of disease to how we treat our citizens and the rights they’re given to how we understand our fellow human being and communicate with one another.

    The slaughtering of turkeys the way it’s done in the video is unnecessary. Controlled-atmosphere killing of turkey and chicken is just one of the examples of how some countries have chosen not to accept this, but rather evolve from a brutal and inhumane practice.

  • VeggieTart

    fbr, dear, there is a difference between a lioness going after, say, a gazelle and humans raising billions of animals for food. Not to mention humans don’t really need meat to be healthy. And the animals humans eat are pumped up with hormones and antibiotics.

    And I do believe that is a Burburry scarf around the governor’s neck.

  • fbr

    The Commenter, there is nothing brutal or inhumane about killing an animal by cutting its head off. It might be shocking to some people, but the lives of animals in nature end in far more cruel ways. The majority of people choose to eat meat, the only way to provide that meat is to to farm the animals – this is the reality we need to live with. You may argue, like PETA, that humans have no right to kill animals for food, but it’s hard to see why that would apply to only humans and not to other animals. At which evolutionary point did we lose our right to use other animals as food?

    VeggieTart, so I take it you’re fine with hunting then? Throughout history humans have eaten meat, if it was somehow an inferior food source for us, then our species wouldn’t have survived or would have evolved not to eat meat. Yeah, the animals that I eat are “pumped up with hormones and antibiotics” just like the vegetables that you eat are pumped up with pesticides, artificial fertilizers and gene manipulation.

  • Ashley

    fbr, how do you know VeggieTart doesn’t eat organic vegetables?

  • fbr

    Ashley, the same way she knows I don’t eat organic meat. That is to say, in no way at all. Do you see the point now?

  • Ashley


  • Apml

    Veggie Tart – It’s spelled “BURBERRY” with an e and its probably a knock off. But what exactly is the point you are trying to make with that remark? I don’t like Palin but I don’t see anyone making comments about any of the male candidates’ wardrobes and price. Or hair and makeup for that matter. Yes, they have hair and makeup people too.

  • JayP

    I would suggest that ‘we’ are assisting her. Marketing is key in todays world. ‘Shock value’ is what sells, sad to say. Why else do the masses tune in every night to watch the news, watch the neighbors house burn down etc. etc. Branding…she is making sure that you don’t forget her face….that she becomes a fixture in your living room. Be ready to be real shocked as …she plans to run for President in 8 yrs. Once she’s spent 8 yrs making sure her name is foremost in your thoughts…..I’m moving to Alaska…as far away from her as possible.

  • VeggieTart

    apml, thanks for correcting the spelling. Burberry is notorious for using fur in some of their designs, and there is an anti-Burberry campaign because of it. As for the governor, she wears it because 1) she likes the ugly design, 2) she cares about labels, and/or 3) she doesn’t know or doesn’t care about what animals go through to make fur. I’m making a comment about her callousness towards animals.

    If I saw the First Dude or any male in some horrific designer or tacky furry outfit, I’d probably make a comment about that, too.

    fbr, while I dislike hunting, I have less of an issue with people who hunt for food than people who buy packages of meat. And it takes a lot of grain to produce a pound of flesh, the hormones, antibiotics, and, yes, pesticides are concentrated in the flesh. This is why predator fish have greater concentrations of mercury, BTW.

    And Jay P, don’t worry, even if she runs in 2012, she won’t make it out of the primaries.

  • fbr

    VeggieTart, so what is your argument against hunting for food then? It takes a lot more resources (energy, materials,..) to live in a house than in a tent, yet we choose to live in houses. It takes a lot more resources to clean yourself every day than to simply stink and look dirty, yet we choose to do it every day (I hope). I bet in your vegetarian diet there are some items that take more resources to produce than others, yet you choose to eat them. If we were forced to always pick the choice that uses the least resources then this world would be a very dull place.

    If you’re so scared of the hormones and antibiotics you should take the time to go through the research in the field. You know, the kind that shows that the hormone levels found in the meat of animals that have been given them are not statistically different from animals that have not been given them – despite what today’s eco-prophets are preaching (to sell you books). Throwing around words like you do without making concrete points is simply a scare tactic, nothing more.

  • Me

    Wow. I hope people everywhere get on her for this, and remember this when she tries to run in 2012.

  • thatoneveganchick

    Since when is watching turkeys getting slaughtered ‘fun’? What the heck is wrong with her? If that’s her idea of fun I wonder what she dose with her weekends…actually, I don’t lol XP Sure glad she’s not the VP =)