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“With every book I try and come up with a theme that’s a new way of looking at our recipes and what we do. I like to think outside the box. The book is based largely on our 30-minute meals but it also came from what people requested, kosher food, veggie meals that are hearty. Lots of families have one vegetarian with one or more meat-eater.”

Rachael Ray discussing why she’s included so many vegetarian recipes in her new cookbook. The people have spoken and we love to hear that they’re asking for more veggie food. Go, Rach! 


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  • Jeffrey

    all i can is it’s about damn time. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve said, “i can’t believe the food network doesn’t have a vegetarian cooking show!?”

    maybe this is a step in that direction.

  • Melisser

    Nice to hear this from the woman who put in a cookbook she doesn’t “get tofu”.